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Team Rider Tales: Alex Wake hits Indo

Okay so I’ll start by saying I’m pretty stoked to be on board and riding for the Bodyboard-Depot team, and whilst I am I’ll be writing a few blog entries for you guys to feast your brains upon if you’re at all interested in what goes on in my life right now.   Alex Wake Bodyboard Depot Team Rider     So this year’s started off pretty well so far ... I’ve recently returned from a two month trip around Indonesia with a crew of friends from home. We left at the start of February by flying to Jakarta and spent a few weeks in southern Sumatra around Krui; it was probably the worst time of year to go but were keen to check it out anyway. If you’re familiar with any of the waves around there, that Mandiri wave is probably the best beachie I’ve ever surfed, and Honeysmacks is a sick reef set up for a bodyboard ... we had some sick sessions at those breaks.   If you’re thinking about going there I highly recommend the place, but maybe go at a better time of the year if you can because you'll score offshore winds all day and get all the other set ups that are more fickle.   From Sumatra we flew over to Bali to hang out at Skygarden and to watch Iron Maiden on their final frontier tour which was epic! (There were about ten Cornish guys in the whole arena going ballistic making a moshpit at the front, but none of the Indo guys were keen and got soo mad at us... Brits on tour at their best!!!)    

Alex Wake Bodyboard-Depot Team Rider



After that we went to Lakey Peak in Sumbawa for a month and scored sooooo many waves there, shared with probably half of the Cornish surfing population as well. You can see my personal photographer and fellow drinking wingman Chris Burt with his housing in the photo included, and hopefully you'll get to see his angle on that wave and the rest of the epic shots he got from the trip in the next issue of ThreeSixty (check out his blogspot as well on the link below to see his other photos from the trip).   Then it was back to Bali for more boozing in Kuta. Now I’m back home absolutely skint and living out of my overdraft in Newlyn near Penzance. I've just moved here so my new local wave is now Skilly wedge which I’m stoked about (if you’re unfamiliar with the epic set up, brilliant photographer Jacob Cockle got his cover of the national newspaper with the massive backspray on the pier that you may have seen.) Also on Jake, check his Flickr photos on the link below  - he's got some pretty weird but amazing photos if you’re interested in photography. I'm still claiming to be a Porthleven local though.   I've just come back this evening from surfing down at Gwenvor on my new Pride Cade Sharp board from the Bodyboard-Depot. It’s the same as what I’ve been riding the past year, but it’s been working pretty well for me so I thought I’d stick with it.   I’m just about to start lifeguarding on the beach for the summer as well down Praa Sands and Poldhu way, so if you’re heading down there at all this summer make sure you’re not swimming on those beaches as you’re probably not in safe hands.   Piece of advice as well, if you think you can be a stuntman to impress girls and think it’s a good idea for your mate to run you over (by your own car), it’s not a good idea. I tried it recently, I bought a car on the Friday and it was smashed to pieces two days later which is costing £90 to replace.. so uncool. Watch this space for more stories about me!
  • June 09, 2011
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