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Bat is back! We review the new Damian Prisk Science Signature Board

Damian Prisk Bodyboard-Depot Team Rider By Owen Pye   Bat is Back!   For a while it seemed to have fallen out of favour with the masses, but you can’t keep a good template down, and now it’s back, and better than ever. I am of course talking about the highly anticipated bat-tailed Science signature model of the Bodyboard-Depot’s team rider Damian Prisk. The six-times British champion launched his new board on the same day as the launch of the depot, and it has been flying out the door ever since.     Despite the line up at Chopes, Pipe and the Box largely being dominated by crescent tails, in our somewhat, er, slacker waves, the bat tail reigns supreme. The extra planing area of the slick gives increased drive and lifts more of your legs out of the water, creating less drag and making for a faster board. The extra drive you see from a bat enables a quicker entry-speed into a pitching lip, which if timed right directly equates to bigger boosts and higher aerial manuevers.     The looseness of the bat also means you can release the tail more quickly than a crescent in nailing tighter spins in and around the pocket. This extra maneuverability is kept in check though with classic 60/40 rails and graduated channels directing flow into the tight winglets flanking the bulb - this means the template can handle late reef drops with as much aplomb as it does carving up your fun summer beachie.     Damian Prisk Science Signature Model Bodyboard     Damian has spent a great deal of time honing the shape and template to be spot-on for UK conditions, and twinned with a dow PE core/mesh/single stringer combo it is perfectly set up for what we have on our British doorstep ... cool water and a variety of waves, from super fun wedges and reeling point breaks to crumbly beachies and heaving slabs.     I’ve been riding the DP template for the last couple of months in a variety of conditions and I’ve been blown away ... As soon as you jump on the thing and paddle out it’s already made your acquaintance with a contoured PE deck and nose bulbs; its flex off the bottom turn is balanced, trim speed is increased and projection into the lip is sprung with a crisp assurance.     I’m totally stoked with it and from the feedback we’ve been having, so is everyone else! Make sure you pop in and pick one up soon while stocks last!     If you need any help in choosing a board, feel free to give us a call or you can check out our handy guide to buying a bodyboard
  • June 20, 2011
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