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Winnie on almost winning

Dave Winchester - Arica Chilean Challenge 2011 from IBA on Vimeo.

After dominating last year Winnie had the hard task of coming back this year and keeping his crown - as El Gringo grew by the round, he had easily the best two barrels of the competition. Check out the above clip to see how the shaggy-haired one clocks up his tube time, it is reminiscent of Stewbags at Pipe. Coming second at El Gringo is no mean feat, especially considering the way GT surfed that day ... I mean if god himself had manifested himself as a booger and donned a rashie for that final against GT he would have had his ass handed to him and trudged back to heaven with a soggy beard. Good on ya Winnie, could this year be his year? Let's see what Puerto hands out ...
  • July 28, 2011
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