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Is This Hubb's Year?

  It's not just the fact he's won two events on the tour this year, or that he has now stretched a little points lead from the frothing pack, it's the way he's making bodyboarding look.   When the call was made to wait until the final day of the waiting period as the swell was due to double, people (quite fairly) started presuming it would play into the hands of GT after his animalistic win in macking Arica, or Hardballs after his macking win in animalistic Box. There were even shouts of giant-lefthand-barrel king Stewbags scooping into a few beasts to show the kids how it was done and claim his first win of the season.   But alas, it was Mr Jeffrey Hubbard who stepped up to the plate yet again when it counted the most. With the eyes of the world watching, he showed that bodyboarding is as legit as it comes and that dancing off the lip of 12ft Puerto bombs ain't no thang.   Anyone watching the Zicatela Pro on that last day could see just how far bodyboarding has progressed, and as Hubb landed that intergalactic invert in the final with just a few minutes left, noone could argue he didn't deserve the win.   So now we're halfway through the season, I suppose the question is can the rest of the field step things up to give him a run for his money in the backhalf of 2011?
  • August 16, 2011
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