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Congrats Boys

  Six-time British champ Damian Prisk took the victory of the The Pit/NMD North Kernow Challenge at the weekend, joined by fellow Bodyboard-Depot team riders Alex Wake and Sam Brabyn, who also made the final.   The third BBC tour event of the year, the Connies comp was held in chunky 4ft cross-shore conditions and saw the field of 28 entries pitting themselves against some heavy sections and nasty rips.   DP dominated with textbook rolls and reverses in the early stages, keeping things tech and progressing smoothly to the 75% Bodyboard-Depot team rider finale.   Underground ripper Alex Wake thought it time he climb into the limelight and did so with silky smooth consistency, brushing aside his competition without much ado and narrowly missing out on the victory in his first competition in 43 years. Here's hoping he now has a taste for the concept and leads the charge of Brit boogers in the future.   A future he will no doubt be sharing with 16-year-old supergrom Sam Brabyn, who was insurmountable in the Depot Grom Challenge last month and continued in fine form into the Connies comp, charging through the rounds and knocking out some sick riders along the way, including none other than current British champion Jack Johns in the semi. The lad has a hell of a future and we welcome him to the team!   The season finale at the nationals at Porthtowan has now reached a towering crescendo, who will be crowned 2011 champ?
  • September 26, 2011
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