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Jake Stone's Reunion Trip

  Little vid of Jake Stone's philosophical contention as to what happened on Reunion Island. Stoney came through the group stages on the wrong side of the draw to find ultimate local and current world champion Amaury Laverhne getting set to progress. As the crowd oohed and ahhed on every take off, Amaury had the backing of thousands of shoreside Reunion islanders and was desperate to put on a good show. However, it was the 21 year old Ozzie who boosted some big looping ARSs and came through, much to the bodyboard world's stunned silence.   Up next was Pierre Louis Costes (that's genuine French for Many Huge Backflips don't you know) and again, pulled through a tough semi to pop up in the final ... against Alex Uranga no less. Who? Exactly.   But let's not forget the Basque rider was on a mission, and in no mood to get defeated having reached the final from starting at the beginning of the trials. The rest is history. Roll tape.
  • October 13, 2011
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