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Food For Thought?

Nazaré Special Edition 09 from kaleido on Vimeo.

  Nazare.   Due to its underwater topography (massive underwater canyon funnelling swell to the beach) is there not an argument to shift next year's IBA Portugal event to Nazare?   Yes, yes, there is a nice little setup at Praia Grande on the back of the beach with parking and room for sponsor tents, but surely some room can be made a bit up the coast when many top pros consider Nazare a true European equivalent of Puerto.   ... Or even Praia do Norte? This was filmed yesterday.

Praia do Norte Big Sunday from António Carreira on Vimeo.

  Does everyone remember the Mex and Sintra events this year? Right. Now watch the videos and write a nice friendly letter to your local IBA representative entitled 'How Portugal Can Fix Its International Comp Image'.   BOOM! (In Manny V's parlance.)
  • October 17, 2011
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