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Guineapig Wake Fills Us In

 Ok so I thought I'd blog a little ...   At this moment in time I'm currently chilling in London doing another medical trial, saving up the pennies so I can get out of Cornwall for a surf this winter. I'm basically testing this new drug to help Parkinson's Disease. If you dont know much about medical trials they send you a load of info on the drug before you take it. Let me quote you part of an email they sent me about this particular drug. These are just some of my favourite bits:   ''Information for volunteers – Part B - V81444 – first doses in humans   V81444 (the study medicine) is an experimental new medicine for treating Parkinson’s Disease. It has never been given to humans before. When the study medicine was given once daily, animals had only small changes in liver weight and blood tests of liver function. Some animals given twice-daily doses of the study medicine had ulcers in their stomach and/or damage to the liver. The animals got better after the study medicine was stopped. Very high doses given twice daily, but not once daily, caused damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, muscles, stomach and intestines (gut), and some animals became so sick that they had to be put down.''   So yeah hopefully I'll get out of here alive without being put down by the doctors. Yesterday was nuts I had to have an endoscopy - that's when they put you on your side and stick a camera down your throat into your stomach to see what's going on, probably the most hectic minute I've had of my life. I felt violated. I was basically dry urging for a whole minute, it was rank. It's only day two today as well, so I'm in here for another 16 days until I get some fresh air again. But hopefully it will be worth the £2,500 payout.   I've probably spent about 15 hours on Facebook since yesterday morning so you'll probably see me online quite alot. Yesterday definitely sucked, looking down my news feed to see everybody's statuses about how good the surf was ... having my brother ring me up to borrow a board and fins when he never surfs meant it must have been good.   But Barber's message to say that he surfed pumping wedge for five minutes before it went gale force onshore that made me feel a bit better. (Agreed, it's a specially warm feeling that one. - OP)   So yeah if you're still reading this hope you all had a good surf back home whilst I was up here getting deep throated by some old doctor. I cant really say I've had too many epic surfs myself recently, I've been cruising around the coast with Kir Roberts having a few fun surfs around Gwenvor and some other little wedgey beaches but it's been pretty small, and it's definitely getting colder now as well.   Actually I went to Ireland a few weeks ago with Andrew 'the Cdog' Course ... that was pretty good. Really spontaneous, just decided to go one evening for a 4 or 5 day swell (that turned into a two day swell) but it was still pretty good. Had a couple of sessions out at Riley's, my first time surfing that wave. It was only about 3-4ft and really windy but I could see on the bigger ones how good that wave really is and how nuts it must be when it gets 6ft and bigger. I thought I was a legend getting kegged on a 4-footer and then I see Fergal Smith scooping (and scooping good) into some mad ones on a bodyboard same day just for a laugh. Got some real nice Posties sessions as well all by myself which was cool, so keep on lookout for Coursey's next film and some of it may have made the cut.   Well done to everyone who made the finals of the competition at Porthtowan the other week, apart from Jack the kook who got knocked out in the first round along with all the other boys, Danny Skaj, and Kir Roberts who came along with me in my Ferrari. Sorry for Jacky Boy though as he did lose out on the title and a spot in the IBA comp, but we did have a pretty good losers' night out at Sound in Penzance that night.   Good effort Bruno Martin as well, ripping it up in the seniors for Poldhu - the sickest wave in the UK.   Well done to Winkie and Prisk as well for taking the DK and Open Tour finals this year respectively. I personally think I should have won but I'm happy for Damo to take it.   Well thats about it for now, I've had about a pint of blood taken out since I started writing this blog and I think it's time to go get some lunch and chill out a little bit more.   Yew x
  • October 25, 2011
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