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And These Are Just The Leftovers

Liam Tomkins 2011 from Marcus England on Vimeo.

  It turns out those crazy kids down under in Sharkland aren't too shabby in the blue stuff. I suppose it makes sense, between shooting things, BBQing them and getting involved in bar brawls there really isn't much else to do.   Imagefilmz (with a zed, yo) have just welcomed 19-year-old Liam Tonkins to the team, and by the looks of things, he might just have a future in this little sport of ours. These are the outtakes, so I dare say the new film 'Never Fade Away' will be worth a squirt.   I sometimes wonder if deep in the desert there isn't a secret training camp for up and coming Australian bodyboarders, guarded by bushwhacking-straw-in-the-mouth types, where groms go to become regimented in the art of high-performance bodyboarding, and are then leaked onto Vimeo, where they start their assault early for the 2020 IBA World Tour.   In the meantime, have a gander.
  • October 26, 2011
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