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Danger! Danger! High Performance!

  Wipe the joytears from your eyes people, no sooner have we announced the Agent Eighteen sale on all 3/2mm suits (ID, NX and Finite no less) but we are now introducing the Danger Series - perfect for the bookend seasons.   This 4/3mm suit is packed with all the features, materials and workmanship Agent Eighteen are famed for, but beefed up, ready for the cooler waters of the crossover seasons. (And those sunny winter days..)   The benefit of the Danger suit is obvious - as the water temps drop people jump hastily into their 5mm winter suits, not because they need them, but because their 3/2 summer suits can't hack the temp drop. Here is where the Danger slips into your life like a lottery win and new car rolled into one. High performance bodyboarding needs flexibility - while our coasts are pounded with epic spring and autumn swells you need a suit with enough flex to make the most of every section ... not freezing your arse off in your summer suit or unnecessarily wallowing around like the Michelin man in your winter suit.   All hail the Danger - the suit to shred those bookend seasons apart. This will be with us from early next week, get your pre-orders in now ... suit you sir.   CLICK ME
  • October 28, 2011
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