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New Bodyboard Travel Guide - Pre-Order Now!

  It is the book the boog world has been waiting for - a dedicated global bodyboard travel guide! Written by Depot manager Owen Pye with top tips from Depot director Rob Barber and ThreeSixty founder Mike Searle, the Bodyboard Travel Guide is the ultimate book for bodyboarders looking to get away for some epic surf exploration.   With input from all the top pros, stuffed with sick images and superbly detailed descriptions of some of the best bodyboarding waves the planet has to offer, the Bodyboard Travel Guide is an indispensable companion for even the most hardened traveller.   Detailing countries and breaks in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, Australia, the Pacific, Atlantic, North America and more, you will find the Bodyboard Travel Guide all the inspiration you need to get out and explore the waves of the world with a bodyboard under one arm and a pair of fins in the other.   The Bodyboard Travel Guide will be available in January, and you can get your pre-orders in for it now!   THE BOOK   Call 01637 877722 or email
  • October 28, 2011
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