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Staying Power

  Feast your eyes on Mickey's handiwork from back in the day, and consider how many of those faces are still ripping it up on the biggest stage there is. The Fronton showdown is around the corner and we'll of course be there giving you the latest.   Hubb, Hardballs and GT all busting out in the big stuff, back when it was shot on film and came out on VHS. Some of you might not remember that, mental to think, but we used to have to wait months at a time to watch new bodyboarding footage, forget YouTube, we didn't even have the internet back then!   I digress.   The point is, here we are, on the cusp of 2012, and those three riders are vying for the top spot STILL. How many other sports (aside from darts, backgammon and thanks to Ke11y, surfing) do you see guys in their thirties and forties leading the charge of the rivals more than 20 years their junior? PLC wasn't even in secondary school when a lot of this vid was shot, and now look, he's ahead of GT, a fraction behind Hubb and possibly about to ruin our beloved Hardy's latest attempt at the title. I'm not sure what my exact point is now, I'm just drowning in the nostalgia of about 1997, before Mickey's skills were appreciated by the world, before the leash was invented and before PLC was even born.   Or something.
  • December 01, 2011
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