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Sam Gets His Sticks!

  Bodyboard-Depot team rider Sam Brabyn was stoked to hear from us yesterday to tell him that his new custom boards have arrived just in time for his next foreign trip abroad. This time a secret ThreeSixty photoshoot to some where in central America. Sam has been shredding over the Christmas period with a sick session at his home break of Aggie on Christmas day " I only stayed in for about 40 minutes but it was really sick, I got a few barrels and ramps" he scoffed.   Sam's sick barrel which appeared in the last issue has been labelled as a major contributor to the recent bodyboard crowds at Aggie and some of the locals are spewing about it! Sam loves his Science boards and recommends them as the best on the market. The Bodyboard-Depot will have their new stock in by the end of the month so be sure to get your pre order in now! Or come in and check them out in a few weeks!  
  • January 07, 2012
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