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Alex Wake

  Bodyboard Depot rider Alex Wake takes some time out to give us an update on his latest adventures.         I cant really say i've been up to much recently really, just hanging out around penzance hitting the town every now and then, trying to get in the sea when i've got some time off work. Im working in the underwater ceramics department at the moment and the hours are pretty shit for getting any surf time. I've had a couple of surfs at leven recently with my bff Ryan Holland, he's recently moved there so its cool we've been getting suited up at his place in the shower before jumping in, but the waves have still been pretty crappy and freezing. I still dont think i can handle any longer than an hour at the moment in the water, still going strong in my two wettie combo with my agent 18 summer suit and a shortie underneath. A friend George hawkens just got home from a month stint in Morocco and shared some slabby kegs with him one evening last week which was romantic. Watched the IBA comp as well live streamed at Jack (riptide cover number 2 gaylord) Johns place the other night with Kir and Hugo. Had a 4 person sweepstakes between us on the top 16, i had Hubb in my 4 so i won, but i didnt actually win anything because i decided to go home to bed before the final was on i missed it all. So yeah I'm kinda just hanging around waiting for a decent swell somewhere nearby to get away, almost went to Ireland with video frothdog Coursey but bailed last minute as the charts looked abit dodgy, but am looking forward to getting away with him soon to rack up some more footage for his next DVD thats in the pipeline... Well thats about it for me, a few of my best mates are out in Aus at the moment on the East coast, check out there photos on tumblr Hope you had an epic pancake day. Cheers see you first comp this year! x    
  • March 30, 2012
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