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The Man Behind The Magic!

Bodyboard-Depot Meets Found Bodyboards Master Shaper - Jarrod Gibson In many peoples opinions, Jarrod Gibson is the worlds best bodyboard shaper. We caught up with him to pick his brains about how he has made Found boards so incredibly sick. What is so good about the Found Board range? I think what I like most about the 2012/13 range are the key refinements from templates to technology. It's important to remember that this is only the second actual production season for Found and Mitch has brought it a long way from last season. How did you and Mitch decide on the templates for each of the range? One of the key aspects that is most important to Mitch is that we try to replicate the templates as close as possible to what both he and the team are riding in their customs. The only real differences from his customs to stock are small changes in dimensions to suit the style of waves they are looking for both on tour and free surfing. The curves are the same just the dimensions will vary slightly. What makes Found boards different from the other brands? There is a lot more expectation on Found Boards given that the brand is spearheaded by one of the worlds best wave riders. Owned and run by Mitch at such a young age has allowed him to be more creative. Launching Found Boards in his prime is true testament to his determination to deliver a brand that wants to see the sport moving forward. What can you expect from a Found board that perhaps you wouldn't find from another brand? There are a few aspects that have been introduced that makes the brand completely unique and individual. From introduction of exclusive colours to the stringer evolution of the Torsion system. Why do you think you team up with Mitch so well to create sick boards? I think we have a synergy together that just works. We have been working together for the best part of our professional careers so we know how each other work. We seem to be able to translate the ideas and concepts very positively, making sure that we find the best way to create the end result product from the initial testing stages. We will work very intensely in the beginning of the season to get the ideas down and then Im free to create, then he tests. And from there we fine tune until we are both happy to release the range. Oh and thanks for the props on the boards. It really does mean a lot! Tell us about the Found Full Torsion stringer system? Torsion is the next level in terms of performance verse strength. The unique connection from both stringers allows the flex to transfer almost in a perpetual motion so it creates greater speed out of turns and transitions from rail to rail. Mitch has found that he can push his surfing even further as the recoil is more controlled. What are the main break throughs that you've made during your time working on Found boards? I guess it's having the freedom to really push our ideas and concepts to the absolute limit. We have in no way created the perfect board as yet but I don't think we are that far off it either. We know with the Torsion system that we have reinvented the stringer. And that is only possible due to the technology we now have at our disposal so you can expect to see some really exciting things in the next few years.  
  • October 18, 2012
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