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Core Bodyboards Set For UK Launch

COREHEADER   The Bodyboard-Depot is thrilled to have formed a unique partnership with Core Bodyboards which also sees Director and bodyboarder Rob Barber as the leading UK representative of the new bodyboarding brand. Core Bodyboards have promised to begin a revolution in what UK bodyboarders ride. Gran Canaria local and European Bodyboard guru Danny Hernandez has partnered with some of the most experienced bodyboarders in the world. In contributing their wealth of expertise and knowledge, it has enabled Danny to create a range of Core bodyboards that promise to provide a superior board range for the dedicated rider. A key partner supporting the UK launch, The Bodyboard-Depot has had input to research and development of the board range to insure that it hits all the required areas for a board for the UK market. Danny commented “I’ve worked in the bodyboard industry for over 20 years and in that time I’ve seen a lot of products come and go” He adds “Incorporating the newest features, with rider feedback has enabled us to produce a range of boards that are superior in all price ranges”. Danny concludes “We’re working at the Core of the sport to put something back in to bodyboarding, our international team is growing, we are striving to keep putting back in to the sport through events, sponsorships and product development”. The international team already consists of well-respected bodyboarders within the international bodyboarding community and each team rider has produced a signature series of boards; Yeray Martinez (Canary Islands), Paul Benco (Hawaii), Fred Tremore (Tahiti) and latest edition to the team Rob Barber (UK) Bodyboard-Depot director Rob Barber has been an essential partner in the process, with his wide-ranging skillset as an international and competitive bodyboarder as well as coaching professionally, for over 20 years. Barber commented “This is a really exciting time for British Bodyboarding, I have had the chance to help create a range of boards geared to the British bodyboarder, for those who surf our chilly waters but also travel to international destinations”. He continues “With years of bodyboarding experience myself, both free surfing and competition, having coached thousands of riders to improve and selling boards through my shop on a daily basis I know what works for the British bodyboarder, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the worlds best shapers on my own templates in the past which has really helped”. The decision regarding templates, stringer set up, cores, rails, every aspect of the boards has been thoroughly scrutinised. In an industry first, Rob called upon the knowledge of key UK bodyboard figures including Bodyboard HQ’s Dave Heard, Bodyboard Central’s Brooke Mason and Bodyboard-Depot team rider Damian Prisk to nail an awesome product range. UK bodyboarders no longer need to ride boards designed for Australian or Hawaiian waves. These boards have templates and material combinations that work in the UK. UK Team Riders Core bodyboards have immediately shown their support for the UK riders by sponsoring two key performers. Alex Wake from Porthleven has been turning heads for a long time and has taken his new Core board to the ultimate testing grounds of Hawaii and Indonesia to put the equipment through its paces and feedback. So far the results have been fantastic with Alex scoring some incredible waves on the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii. It was important to us to rigorously test the boards in UK and International conditions before we committed to bringing them to the market. The results have been amazing. Alex, slotted at Pipeline on his Core One. February 2012 Image Sacha Specker. thumbnail-2   thumbnail-1 thumbnail-3 thumbnail-1 The second member of the Core UK team is Dave Speller from Jersey. Currently ranked in the top 3 of the British Bodyboard Club Tour Dave has been turning heads for a long time with his competition and free surfing performances. Dave Speller puts his Core Two to the test in the UK this winter. Images Harry Newton Dave Speller invert Rob Barber refining his signature model template in Indo. thumbnail   Core will continue to grow their team through spring and summer as well as sponsoring The Core Bodyboards Youth Rampage Bodyboard Club, The Core Bodyboards Wedge Air Show Bodyboarding event and The Core Bodyboards High Performance Bodyboard Weekends. Coming Soon! Core bodyboards will be arriving Mid March, the full range will be available from The Bodyboard-Depot. Bodyboard HQ and Bodyboard Central will also be stocking selected boards from the range. For more information or images please contact: The Bodyboard Depot Rob Barber 01637 877722
  • March 08, 2013
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