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Found Bodyboard Leashes, a revolutionary new product - UK Launch!

The world's most cutting edge bodyboard company, Found Bodyboard's are set to launch their awesome new leash to the UK market this May. Mitch Rawlins, the company owner and the world’s most popular rider, has simply taken the best aspects of the other top leashes on the market and gone a stage better. The bicep leashes have a similar look to a Gyroll; the coil is tightly wound to stay out of the way with a single brass swivel. The big difference is the way that it performs though. Not only does it stay out of the way, but also it stays coiled even after the heavy wipeouts. After rigorous testing from Mitch he sent the sample leashes over to the UK for Rob Barber and The Bodyboard-Depot team to try; "We decided to use a three tiered testing regime" Commented Barber. "The plan was to use it in the UK and internationally and by riders of three different ability levels as those that wipe out more can test the leashes recoil and longevity while the top end riders could be hyper-sensitive about the leashes drag, ability to tangle when paddling and the comfort of the bicep pad". The leashes were tested in the winter UK swells as well as on bodyboard coaching holidays to Morocco, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. And free surfing trips to the Canaries. The leash showed excellent results, each level of rider agreed that it was the best leash that they have used and better still, during wipe outs it didn't damage the board at all as other leashes had done in the past. The stylish logo inside the bicep pad and quality flat topped plug scream quality. The leashes will retails for £22.99 and be available at The Bodyboard-Depot, Bodyboard HQ and from early May Sam Bishop, 21, Shrewsbury, Bodyboard-School Instructor Tested in UK, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Fuertevenura, Gran Canaria and Morocco "The found leash has to be the best leash I've ever used, even after heavy wipeouts its strong coil stays tight and out of the way allowing me to feel more confident inthe surf" Ash Hughes, 27, Birmingham-Policeman Tested in UK, Morocco, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote "As I train in the gym and have a larger arm than average I have struggled to find a comfortable bicep leash, however, after using this leash there is no need for me to look any further.  This leash is awesome, stays tightly coiled and has never felt like snapping." Rob Barber, 36, Newquay, Bodyboard-Depot / School / Holidays Director Tested in UK, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Morocco "Great fit, stayed tightly coiled and out of the way and didn't damage my board. I won't use another leash from this point onwards" FOUND BODYBOARD LEASHES £22.95 AVAILABLE IN NOW THE BODYBOARD-DEPOT
  • April 25, 2013
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