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I can only imagine the difficulty in finding quality and comfortable foot wear with size 14 feet, let alone a decent pair of bodyboard fins!! We surprisingly get more enquiries than you would think with guys in this retail nightmare! One such Man was a guy called Finian. He has very generously donated his time to write few words about his successful quest to find the perfect fitting fin! Read on below.. “I have been boarding for 10 years and in the last couple of years taken it much more seriously. My brother has lived in Penzance all his life and always said I should get some fins so I could come out to the parts of the beach that are not plagued by the 'foam' boarders. At 6'6" I know that some items for big guys are harder to come by, but I did not anticipate how long or hard my searching would be for size 14 fins, my Dad said I need not bother had big enough feet to act as fins! After mailing guys as far out as Australia and America I came across the Bodyboard Depot, who provided me with a quick reply and very well received "yes we do". Within a few days I had received a pair of limited Edition size 14 fins. Two weeks later I was in the cold post winter waters in Sennen trying out my new improved limbs, so stoked and on a high that only being in the water with new fins could create. I can catch anything with these and propel myself so much faster. They are a must have. I shall be gracing the black and white zones this year rather than tourist dodging. Since I have gracefully hit some of the best sets of the spring swell to come in so far and a trip up to Porthcawl in Wales completely assured me of the need for fins to ride the best. Cheers to Tom and the Depot for sorting me out, and all other big fellas needing fins stop here! Finian” Follow this link to check out the fins that fit Finians' feet (bit of a tongue twister!) [caption id="attachment_1736" align="aligncenter" width="662"]One happy Finian with his new pair of Limited Edition XL Fins One happy Finian with his new pair of Limited Edition XL Fins[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1737" align="aligncenter" width="289"]LTD FINS Available at the Depot! LTD FINS Available at the Depot![/caption]
  • April 29, 2013
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