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New Maniac Bodyboard Gear, Wax, Fin Tethers and more! Grab yours from The Bodyboard-Depot now!

We were stoked to catch up with Grant from Maniac Bodyboarding recently. He's come up with some cool new ideas for bodyboarding products and we are stoked to carry the full range of t-shirts, wax and fin tethers.
Photo: Grant shows the new gear to the grom crew.
Maniac are also co-sponsoring the Wedge Air Show, thanks guys! Here is a bit of info about their revolutionary new wax!
Maniac's 100% bio-degradable bodyboard wax is the newest bodyboard wax to hit the scene. The wax comes in a container so it means you don't have to worry about your wax melting in your bag or car, also as it is sealed with a cap it means your wax won't get covered in sand. This wax is designed by bodyboarders for bodyboarders so this is the best wax to stop you sliding all over the place so it means you get more time having fun out in the surf. Available from all good bodyboarding retailers.
Grant with his full range of goodies.
Photo:Grant with his full range of goodies.
  • June 30, 2013
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