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Bodyboard-Depot Team Super Session by Chris Hunt

[caption id="attachment_1817" align="alignnone" width="600"]Loz McCall punts the biggest DK air that we have ever seen. Anywhere.  Photo: Laura Newbury. Loz McCall punts the biggest DK air that we have ever seen. Anywhere. Photo: Laura Newbury.[/caption]   Bodyboard-Depot team riders Laurie McCall, Damian Prisk and Aaron Dinham luck in to some Cornish gold. Every now and again a set of photos appear that hurt to flick through. A wrong call is made and it’s only a matter of time before someone rubs your nose in it. It tends to hurt even more knowing that you wasted half a tank of petrol driving round the usual’s just to call the whole thing off. Last weekend, deep in the darkest corners of West Cornwall Aaron Dinham, Laurie McCall and Damian Prisk became the subject of a group of photos capable of hurting feelings. [caption id="attachment_1825" align="alignnone" width="600"]Aaron Dinham scores some inver time. Photo:Ben Howard/Section Bodyboarding Aaron Dinham scores. Photo:Ben Howard/Section Bodyboarding[/caption] “When we looked at the chart the night before it wasn't looking perfect and we weren't sure if it was worth it, but decided to take the gamble,” recalls Aaron. “But when we pulled into the car park to see Ben Howard and Eldred Hawke as well as Bjorn Storey and Andrew Course already there waiting for the tide we knew the gamble was worth it.” A solid ground swell along with strong cross-shore winds made for some tricky but rewarding conditions which Prisk, especially, was able to put to good use, boosting some huge air reverses out of the right hand bowl. “There was this one wave Damian had that was just perfect. I caught the wave before so I was stood waist deep on the inside. He just rode it so well, perfect bottom turn around a thick hollow section straight into a big ramp where he busted a huge air reverse. That was the sickest wave I’ve seen ridden in Cornwall in a long time.” [caption id="attachment_1822" align="alignnone" width="600"]Prisky's perfect flight. Photo: Ben Howard/Section Bodyboarding Prisky's perfect flight. Photo: Ben Howard[/caption] The wedging sections provided a perfect training ground for the riders as their attentions turn to the fourth stage of the British Championship Tour next month, ‘The Bodyboard-Depot Wedge Air Show.’ The competition always proves to be a great spectator’s event but it’s also a rare and welcome chance for the competitors to get pick of the waves at a usually crowded spot. “I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to surf Wedge with only a few other guys out!” says Laurie, who will be representing the Bodyboard-Depot along with Aaron, before he ventures to France or Portugal in the autumn in the search of waves. After a slow start to summer, Damian is also frothing for the air show. The six times British champion will be going in strong with a fresh batch of his Science DP boards that he’s claiming as the best yet. “This is the first season riding the loaded core and I’m finding it is working great over here,” he explains. “It’s is a lot more buoyant than PE and this enables me to get a lot of speed up while paddling into waves and for flying over flat sections, I guess it’s like riding a surf board with a lot of volume. The PE is a little heavier and sinks into the face of the wave making it great for the bigger or heavier sessions and for putting it on rail.”

Loz rides Turbo Kingy

Aaron rides NMD

Damian ride Science Damian Prisk

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  • June 30, 2013
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