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[caption id="attachment_1844" align="alignnone" width="600"]Photo: Ben Pascoe Photo: Ben Pascoe[/caption] Bodyboard-Depot caught up with Dave just after he finished his degree and had returned to Jersey and romped to victory in their tour event.   First up, congratulations on the competition win, talk us through what happened? The event was organised by Colin Crowther and held in lumpy 2 foot waves. Core Bodyboards sponsored the event (my sponsor) so I was stoked to take the victory. Eduardo Afonso took the Core Board prize as he really pushed his riding. So you've just finished Uni, that must be a relief, tell us about what you've been studying? Massive relief! I have been studying Sociology with Philosophy, the subject has a specific focus on routing out the connections between politics and society, identifying inequality and injustice which can then be used to inform policy decision making. How was student life in Plymouth and did you get many waves? Student life has its up’s and downs. It’s certainly a drag when it comes to money and the inevitable work load. First and second year there was quite a lot of time to surf which is great, third year was a different story…I didn’t get to surf a huge amount…hopefully my grade will reflect that! The waves around Plymouth are really good, the beachies are fun, and there are a few fun reefs around town too! What is the Plymouth uni bodyboard scene like, are there many crew that are on it? Im not so sure about the University bodyboard scene, I always see people walking around campus with a sponge but I haven’t met any other bodyboarders, im sure there are loads who would be willing to split petrol however!???? How has your Core One been going? It’s been great thanks. At first I wasn’t sure about riding a PX (low density Polypro) core board over the winter, but I was surprised as it worked so well! It’s much quicker, more responsive, and its handling is superb, especially in heavy waves! I have always ridden PE boards before and they don’t last, I would normally have half a dozen creases from top to tail after the fifth surf, but with the PX core it lasts, and it stays responsive for longer, if anything it gets better the more you ride it as it gets looser and looser! How about the Barber model? Really good, I prefer it to anything I have had in the past! I took it out for the first time in waist high waves and I was so surprised at how quick it goes, even in small waves. I’m so stoked with mine, it’s great that Core is willing to spend time crafting boards for waves with a bit less power but still work perfectly. What are your plans for summer and beyond now? Im going home (to Jersey) to work as a boat driver until September… hopefully there is surf, last summer it was good almost once a week which is perfect, especially in the summer… either way it’s a win win as when it’s flat the boss is kind enough to let myself and my colleagues use the boats to ski and wakeboard… so it’s usually three months of fun J. In September I’m going to go to France for a couple of weeks, and after that back to Uni to complete a Masters… My plan upon completion is a year away (most likely a couple) to surf and hopefully compete internationally! I would love to be in at least one heat at Pipe! You mentioned to me that you want to push the Jersey comp scene, what's the plan? There has been a lot of interest in the sport from the younger guys and I think it would be great to see contests catered for them to help the sport develop. For me this means holding contests with good infrastructure, a good vibe, and experienced bodyboarders on scene to give advice to improve riding. Lately the Jersey Bodyboard club has been holding some really interesting events, even a speciality event on the Flow-rider at a local hotel! The club also has a four season event which is a sort of mini tour, where an event is held each season of the year i.e spring, summer, autumn and winter. It would be great to see some of the UK guys coming over the compete! What are your plans for your future bodyboarding life? Firstly I have a bucket list of waves to surf which include chopes, Puerto Escondido, Pipeline and the wedge in Orange County, California. I would also like to attend trials for some of the IBA events, hopefully making it into the main contest, that would be  a dream come true. Apart from that I want to push myself as much as possible, especially with my technical surfing! Furthermore, I hope that my bodyboard career lasts as long as Stewarts, so I make that another thirty years of fun and barrels haha! You plan to do a Masters, let us know more about that? Yes, I’m planning to do a Masters in Medical Ethics and Law. I have been very involved with medical ethics throughout my degree and my dissertation. I have a real interest in the area and have had experience working in the realm of law, I’m just hoping that I get accepted and it works out! Where will you be surfing mainly this summer? My local at the Splash, and a few other reefs around the Island, as long as the swell comes that is!
  • July 02, 2013
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