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Bodyboard-Depot catches up with Brit Shredder Clare McGowan

5pb4dybv   The most successful UK bodyboarder of all time is Bournemouth's Clare McGowan. After hearing about an epic result at the recent Chile event The Depot caught up with her to see what is going on in her life. She is an inspiration to British bodyboarders!   Age? 36   Where do you live? Anget, France   What do you work as? Online English teacher for French, Italian and Spanish businessemen   You are the most successful british Bodyboarder, can you let us know your 5 best results ever? 3rd Peniche Pro 2009, 4th ISA World Surfing Games 2004, 5th Venezuela Surf Festival 2011, 7th Pipe 2011, European Junipr Champ 2004   You've always trained really hard, are you still doing that and if so what are you doing? I cycle about 20km a day, run on beach 3km three times a week, do yoga, sit ups, chin ups, ski in the winter.   What happened in the recent event in Chile? 9th place overall, started from 1st round as not seeded (prefer to spend my money to travel to better waves than compete). Had the fourth highest waves of the comp, 8 points in my first heat. In other heats beat the second place finished Alexandre Rinder, a super grom who pulled an backflip in the heat, Claudia Ferrari (ex world champ) and Luz Marie Perez who won Arica the week before. The biggest day was the last day 6 - 8ft on a difficult to read left hand reef. I just didn't get the waves, only needed a three to progress. I did well because I performed a variety of maneuvers - barrel, air, forwards, reverses and cutbacks. Emma Cobb (Aus) won with consistent riding. Great place in the Atacama desert, penguins and sea lions in the line up, Andes as a backdrop. Great people.   Why doesn't womens bodyboarding get more respect? Because in the past the girls always did the same moves - just rolls and spins. The newer generation and some of the older girls are now doing ARSs and airs, and off course Miss Pollard pushing the limits with barrel riding. Also, there really aren't many female bodyboarders. Surfing is so much more popular and better advertised. There are, however, some pro riders, like Catarina Sousa in Portugal (Boogiechicks), who have increased female participation with their schools.   What do you think of Isabela Sousa? Excellent! I've seen her do air reverses, inverts and numerous backflips. A nice girl from a family who owns a restaurant in Fortaleza Brazil. She has lots of power. Really good style and powerful, trains hard too.   What boards are you riding now? Arin, a Spanish company but need new ones. Any offers????   What are your plans for the future? To keep travelling as much as possible, my work permits that, to do selective comps in interesting locations and to maybe to a masters degree in the Marine science.   Clare clearly finds that travel it the key to improving her riding, If you want to get out there and experience new waves and culture take a look at our Bodyboard-holidays here:   [gallery ids="1920,1923,1921,1922"]
  • July 27, 2013
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