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Strong is the New Skinny!

Surfing and Bodyboarding are great low impact cardio workout and help improve muscle tone through working the arms, thighs and bum. BodyBoard-Depot team rider Rachel Ponsford loves bodyboarding ‘Because it's in the water it's low impact on your body and definitely a great natural way to improve your fitness. It’s great fun on your own or with a group of friends and the physical rewards mean that you will have toned legs, stomach and a peachy bum in no time!’

Water sports are one of the most effective ways to release stress and also release endorphins,  known as the ‘happy hormones’. We also benefit from the oceans natural  minerals which keep our skin looking and feeling great. It's no wonder the Beckhams, the Will Smith clan, Cameron Diaz AND Elle Macpherson are often spotted in the ocean getting their exhilarating surfing rush! Take your first steps to fitness with us and try out some surfing lessonsbodyboarding, coasteering, SUP or kayaking. Or if you are looking to improve and want to learn how to progress your surfing or increase your surfing workout. Join the camapaign @TheSTStyle #fitnotthin

  • August 19, 2013
  • Alan Perez
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