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Need A Bodyboard Bag For Your Travels?

robinabaginsta Rob Barber aka Harry Houdini likes to take product testing very seriously. It is this meticulous approach to business that separates the Depot from the rest of the crowd. Rob recently put our new wheelie board bags to the test. He discovered that they are incredibly spacious, ideal for keeping up to 4 boards safe on surf trips as well as providing a cosy place to shelter and catch a nap if the waves go flat. Creatures of Leisure have really nailed it with this product. It's robust, spacious, well padded, hard wearing, has a reflective silver outer skin to make sure that your boards remain cool even in hot temperatures and the construction is light but strong (super important when trying to stay within that all important weight limit). The wheels save you having to lug the bag around the hot streets of your dream destination and are extremely hard wearing. A product designed for bodyboarders from bodyboarders. Find yours here...
  • September 13, 2013
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