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SamBrabyn   Bodyboard-Depot team rider Sam Brabyn is currently in the Azores taking on the cream of the European crop as part of the English team. After shredding his way through his first couple of heats we caught up with him for a quick Q and A. You are in the Azores representing England for the Euro surf championships, what type of waves are you competing on? The waves at the moment are not the greatest. At the moment it's pretty small and onshore. The wave itself is a pretty bowly left, and not so good right. The charts are meant to be really good by the end of the week according to the locals. What other competitors will you be looking out for? There are some real good competitors here and some pretty big names that I've heard of. Guillermo Cobo, Yoan Florentine and the guys from Morocco are pretty lethal defiantly the ones to watch! How have you been preparing for the event? In preparation for the comp I haven't really done much other than trying to get good sleep and just be ready and prepared for my heat. What board will you be riding? The board that I'm riding for the comp is a Science Tom Rigby board which goes really well! You competed in the euro surf last year in the under 18s division. Were you impressed with the standard and happy with your result? The standard for the Europeans juniors was actually pretty high! I was pretty happy with my performance although I feel I could have done better! Overall in that comp I think I came 8th. Will have to check up on that. What are you working as or studying at the moment? I was at college doing my carpentry level 2, I have now finished that and now ive started a new carpentry job, which is really good! What are your plans for the rest of the winter? For the rest of winter I hope to surf as much as possible. I have a trip planned with Sam Bishop and Joe Woodhouse which should be an epic trip. Hopefully I will be able to get away again this year. Good luck from the Bodyboard-Depot Sam, we hope you smash it!
  • September 17, 2013
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