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September Stoke! – Bodyboarders Score Big

Bodyboard coaching weekend benefits from fantastic swell and weather. Perfect Conditions. There is a reason that we hold most of our coaching weekends in autumn… perfect, consistent waves. September 21/22 really turned it on for our hardy group of bodyboarders from all over the UK and Ireland. lines_1small   bbweekend21_09_13_2 Bodyboard weekend warm ups are becoming well renowned for their shape throwing variety. Coach Sam Bishop took it upon himself to trump everyone in the style department. instasamworkout Bodyboarding Lessons - Fast Improvements With a mixed ability group our coaching team covered everything from white water riding, to el rollos, duck dives and cut backs. There were some great results and fast improvements. The video analysis session served up some harsh home truths, which were turned in to positive improvements. The instant change was quite incredible.bbweekend21_09_13_15 Emer Brangan from Bath nailing her technique. Paaarty Wave Highlight of the Bodyboard coaching weekend would have to be the party wave that saw head instructor Rob and students JP and Guy all share a perfect rolling left hander. With Guy receiving some ‘on-wave instruction’ about hand position and weight placement. Check it out: Bodyboard Shop Many people on the course decided to change up their kit in order to try different boards and fins from our bodyboard shop test centre, The Bodyboard-Depot. As a result, many bodyboarders decided to update their equipment permanently. The difference with well fitting fins and correctly sized boards saw huge improvements through out the course. Perfect Bodyboarding Waves The real star of the weekend was the Atlantic Ocean. With four-foot perfect waves for the whole weekend, peaking at a little bigger on Sunday afternoon there was something for everyone. Rob Benson from Bournemouth commented: “I’ve received bodyboard coaching for some time, but I don’t get in the water as much as I’d like to so picking up some instruction, using the video analysis and in water coaching I really felt as though I improved again. Which is perfect timing as I’m off to Morocco in November with the team. The weekend had something for everyone, with mixed abilities and a great social vibe. We had a lovely meal at The Breaks Restaurant on Saturday night and had a really good laugh. I’ll be pushing my riding again on the October weekend”. bbweekend21_09_13_14 Lydia Sowry from Poole shredding! Well done to all participants!  Notable ‘big-ups’ go to: Lydia for her great efforts at rolls, Sue who not only celebrated her birthday during the course but also picked up the trim technique really quickly and as a result won a Found MR Series board (, JP for his trim skills and Emer for her perseverance which saw her grab some ace rides during the Sunday afternoon session in Newquay bay. bbweekend21_09_13_5 The next coaching events are: The Bodyboard Coaching Holiday to Ireland October 2 – 9 Bodyboard Coaching Weekend, Newquay October 5 – 6 Autumn Coaching Camp, Newquay October 5 – 11
  • September 23, 2013
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