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Team Bodyboard-Depot Clean Up At The British Nationals

  With 3 foot contestable waves on the higher tide the final heats of the British Nationals got underway at Porthtowan on Saturday 21 September. The Bodyboard-Depot ‘Dream team’ romped through their heats in commanding form. Unfortunately, predictably, as the tide dropped, so did the swell. But with a disbanding British Bodyboard Club Committee, the show had to go on or otherwise there would be no chance to run the event. Drop Knee The DK semis and finals were held in two foot mid tide mush burgers but Bodyboard-Depot’s Laurie McCall still put on an awesome display to ease victory. The boy is a different class. Head and shoulders above the competition and destroyed the it to take the victory. Open Division The open division quarterfinals flew by. Unfortunately not an ARS or an air move in sight due to the deteriorating conditions. The semis hit the water and Britain’s best fought it out in 1-2 foot crumblers. Pushing themselves in to spins and rolls where ever possible. Unfortunately, a flash back to the BSA contests of 10 years ago when the bodyboarders used to get put in the water when the conditions were at their worst. But it was the same conditions for everyone and the cream usually rises to the top. When the dust settled it was Dave Speller, Aaron Dinham, Damian Prisk and Remi Geffroy who were to battle for the prize money. Speller looked out of sorts through the final. Looking as though he peaked in the semi. Aaron Dinham was out of the battle with an injured shoulder. Remi and Prisk went wave for wave in the grovelly conditions. It was close fought but came down to the smoothest style, with Prisk getting the nod. British Bodyboard Club Committee -  A Stella Job Sad to say goodbye to the BBC committee who have put in hours of thank less hours for the club. And as a result of family and work commitments as well as a disillusionment with none of the older competitors being willing to help run the events have decided to step back from the club. If you think that you can put some time in to help out, contact: There will be a meeting held at the Bodyboard-Depot Wedge Air Show to discuss the future of the club. If you are interested, you should attend. The date of the event is to be announced on The Bodyboard-Depot Facebook page in due course. Bodyboard-Depot Clean Up A great result for the Bodyboard-Depot team, taking 4 of the top 5 spots in the open and the winners of both the DK and prone divisions. Results: Drop Knee: 1.     Laurie McCall 2.     Andy Hill 3.     Jarryd Wingfield 4.     Ross Littlejohns   Open Division: 1.     Damian Prisk 2.     Remi Geffroy 3.     Dave Speller 4.     Aaron Dinham   bbdepotteam Team Bodyboard-Depot take the honours, from left to right: Laurie McCall (First place DK), Damian Prisk (First place Open), Aaron Dinham (Fourth place open), Dave Speller (Third place open), Rob Barber (Fifth place open).   lauriewins Laurie takes the win in the DK division.
  • September 26, 2013
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