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Bodyboard-Depot Team Rider Martin Kelly Crowned Irish Champion

martinkelly   After some awesome performances on this years Irish Competition circuit we are proud to announce that Bodyboard-Depot and Core Bodyboards team rider Martin Kelly has been crowned as the Irish national champion.   Martin rides the Core Rob Barber Signature board, 42", bat tail.   Bodyboard-Depot caught up with Martin for a few questions.   What events were on the tour this year and where did you place in them?   This years events were held in Portrush, Easkey and Strandhill. Portrush I came 1st. Easkey I came 2nd. Strandhill I came 3rd.   The Easkey event sounded epic, tell us about your high scoring ride that took first place for you in the final?   The comp at Easkey this year was great I have to admit. I wasn’t feeling too well all weekend, I knew I had taken a good points start from winning the Portrush Open so this was a good incentive to push hard in this event. I was up against Sligo rippers Meehan, AK, Shambles and Smith in the Final. On the shoreline there was the typical Sligo Chat with the guys all chatting to me saying about Sligo versus Northern Ireland. They always try and psyche me out. Great friends though! It was about 6ft and pretty Clean. It was your typical Easkey Left 5 mile paddle out. So I think we all made it out the back with the plan of getting 2 very long waves to the shore. I started pretty slow. I think I scored a 5.5 - 6 on my 1st wave. Only with 1 score under my belt and finding it hard to get a good second wave. Time was running out, disc went red. I think it was in the last 60 seconds. A nice wide one swung in toward me so I had to go. It bowled nice off the first section so I launched a nice big clean air roll and landed back into the pit, with this good start I just wanted the wave to connect up and not to make any mistakes as this was my last chance before the hooter. I knew I was more than likely in 4th up until this point. I let the wave build up through the middle section, ran out on the shoulder and did a drawn out carving reverse back into the pocket. The wave felt pretty good to this point and I didn’t want to do anything stupid to mess up the potential score so I just stuck to the white-water until the hollow end section. Let the last ramp build up and again turned up into the bowl and just kept it safe to be fair with another extendo style air roll. Old school but solid I felt. Three nice moves on start middle and end sections. I got out of water feeling like I had scored well on that last one. Speaking to the Head Judge after he told me that it was 9's across the board of Judges. Highest scoring ride I had all year or the year before that! I knew Shane Meehan was ripping and it would have been very close between 1st and 3rd. In the prize giving I had found out that I went from 4th into 2nd on my last wave. Thankfully this was the point where I did enough to give me an advantage going into the Sligo Open a month later. I had an amazing 4 birth Motor Home given to me for this event by www.MBSMotoeHomes.Com so this made the trip a lot easier. Got my points, my trophy and went to my camper and opened a beer. Boom!   How did you find your Core RB signature model in the chilly Irish waters?   When I opened it up I was very happy with the shape, nice smooth bat tail and good shape up front, the deck contours and bulbs are nice. I had my first surf on it at my local Portballintrae River Mouth. To be honest it was too fast! I had to adjust my take off point a lot to not fly past every section. This was probably a good thing for my riding. When you have a slow board its the opposite. The Core gives me the confidence to almost go too deep and get round and up sections. Like any and EVERY board you will ride it takes a bit of breaking in. After a few surfs and some good hard landings I felt it moulding to me and flexing out really nicely. Now it is almost exactly where I like it. Flexi and comfortable. Really getting into it and looking forward to getting heaps more rides on it.   Now you have re-located to Cornwall for the winter, why is that and how is it going?   I am now living in Kernow yeah. Me and my Blade moved over here on 11th October. She is a Social Worker and she got offered a good post here. She has been away from home for 6 years living with me in Portrush. We thought it would be good to try a winter over here now. She misses her family and friends a lot so who am I to deprive. For me I can surf with lots of Bodyboarders as there is only one guy in Portrush that Bodyboards with any functionality regularly (Sheildsy). So this was a no brainer! It’s always good to surf with spongers and even just to be in the water with good stand ups and Loggers. Also a big bonus of Cornwall is that S.U.P doesn’t seem to be an epidemic here as it is in Portrush. Nice not to see them getting in the way of waves. I have already surfed one comp in the Depot-Wedge Comp, which I enjoyed. Although Barber snaked me twice and I never caught a wave in the Quarters! Next time Barber! It is nice to be here for a change. Heaps of wedges, bays, coves and good quality hollow beachies. Got to say that the crowds here are serious compared to home. But what can you do. I will eventually miss jumping in my van and driving to the west coast to get un-crowded secret spots with Meehaund and the Sligo crew. Martin shredding at Easkey. Easkey  Left April 2013 10292013-04-20
  • October 25, 2013
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