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Core Bodyboards 2014 now in stock at the Bodyboard Depot

coreneoimage Core Bodyboards took the UK by storm in 2013 with an incredibly well put together range, designed with UK conditions in mind. The 2014 boards promise to be even better again. We caught up with Rob Barber from the Depot for an explanation of these new beasts.  They have also recently completed this video explaining the ideas behind the Rob Barber Signature series boards. By Aaron Parsons. Q: The 2014 Core Boards have just docked in the UK – What can we expect from the range? RB: The focus with this range of Core Boards is to offer something at each price point which is superior to each of it’s competitors: from the entry level boards, all the way through to the signature series, the boards have a really high spec, great prices, the cutting edge materials and really well thought out designs. We have direct feedback about what has worked in the UK, made a few tweaks and come up with a really strong range. Q: So first of all, tell us about the boards under £100. RB: The Core Charge is the superior board on the market for the rider who wants to try bodyboarding for the first time. It has a great sized template with a HDPE slick bottom and channels. This is a re-release of the 2013 range as we had such great feedback from it. Check out the video description here. The big news in the intermediate level board price range is the Core Barber Progression, which comes in sizes 38” 40” 41” 42”. This board is unrivaled for its high spec, it has it all and still doesn’t breach the £90 mark. We have listened to the groms and listened to the improver bodyboarders who have come through our Bodyboard School and introduced the features that work for riders who want to improve fast but don’t want to fork out over the odds. The spec includes a reinforced PE core, single stringer, 60/40 rails, channels, HDPE slick bottom and the two features that stand it head and shoulders above the competition, nose bulbs and a 8lb PE deck. This year we’ve introduced the Core Barber Micro Serieswhich has a 37” and 38” board, triple stringer PX core, HDPE slick skin, definitely a winner with the groms, lighter riders and ladies. The Core One and Core Two are back again with a refreshed range from 39” to 42.5” in length. The Core 1 this year comes with a surlyn skin and PX core. We have introduced a PP core in the Core 2. We are confident this will be the lowest priced PP core on the market. We are pleased to be stocking the Yeray Martinez signature board after so many customers found the PP core to be a great travel board.action Dave Speller launches a tasty air in the Philippines while he was test riding the new PP core Rob Barber Signature model. Phil Le Neveu Q: What changes have you made to your own signature board? RB: The board that I ride in 2014 is similar to the winning template curve of the 2013 model. The feedback was fantastic.  It flies in British waves. Dave Speller, Martin Kelly and the other team riders love it. It’s the best board that I’ve ridden. I’ve adjusted the core configuration by removing the mesh layer giving this board more pop in our chilly waters. The board will come in both bat and crescent tail ranging from 40.5” to 42.5” in length. In terms of colours, they will come in black deck, green bottom, black deck, pink bottom and black deck, purple bottom. Some cool neon coloured slicks and a new logo. Take a look at this video and I’ve explained the thinking behind each feature. It really does work amazingly and I’ve been riding this updated model during the autumn swells that we’ve had and it’s gone really well. Super fast.

Q: Have you added anymore-top end Barber signature models? RB: This year I have introduced a single stringer PP Core board for those that like a strong, light board that will absolutely fly in British surf on clean days. The real drive with this model was to create a travel board that would perform really well in warmer temperatures. Through a lot of experimentation on my ­Bodyboard-holidays I’ve found that a single stringer, no mesh with Freedom 6 PP is the best combo. The logical step with a travel board was to go with a lighter colour so I chose a silver deck and yellow bottom to keep the heat off. The look and work great. Again this is available in 40.5 to 42.5 in both a bat tail and a crescent tail. action2 Rob draws out his bottom turn and really uses the trident stringer system on his new signature model on a recent trip to Morocco to finalise the new range. Alex Clark
  • December 13, 2013
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