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Core Bodyboards Serve David Speller Well in West OZ

[caption id="attachment_2670" align="alignnone" width="800"]dave-speller-bodyboard-depot-team-rider David pulls in to a heavy one at Gas Bay on his Core One. Image by Fabian Haegele.[/caption] Bodyboard-Depot and Core Bodyboards team rider David Speller has taken a year out of uni to push his bodyboarding as hard as he can. We caught up with him to find out where in the world he is and how the boards are performing. 1. So by the looks of this picture it looks as though you aren't at Uni, what are you up to? I'm currently in Margaret River on the West coast of Australia. I think every bodyboarders wants to come here, the waves are completely next level. It's actually the offseason but theres still waves everyday, and coming from Jersey, where it's common for it to be flat for a month for two, makes it a complete novelty, it's bloody amazing ha! 2. Where have you travelled? Over the past three months I've been to Cloud 9 in the philippines and the East coast of Australia. Cloud 9 is a truly amazing wave, the surroundings are beautiful and the locals are really friendly. I was there with three really good friends from home which made the month there pretty awesome, everyone was shredding. 3. How have your boards been going? What have you been riding? My boards are standing up to the test of time very well! I'm currently riding a Core One and a Core Rob Barber signature model with a bat tail. I like to move between the two depending on the conditions. The Core one is great for when it's super heavy and big just because I have it in 41, and I love a smaller board for when it's big. The Rob Barber model I also use when it's big, but I prefer to keep it for when it's head high and lots of sections to hit. The bat tail gives you so much speed and because it's pretty thin you don't lose any control, landing backwards also becomes easier due to the extra volume in the tail. I love riding this board, It just goes so well. I'd recommend it to anyone. 4. What has the standard of bodyboarding been like in West Oz? Really good! It's great to be in the water with people charging so much harder than myself. It's also a great learning curve, Ive seen people hit sections differently trying moves in different places on the wave. Nothing much different from what you would see in a booger film, but when you see someone do a perfect spin into the barrel from the shoulder when paddling out, it gives you a complete new perspective on how and when to execute your moves. 5. What are your plans for the rest of your trip? At the moment I'm getting good waves and having a great time here in Margaret River so I think Ill stay put for a few more months. I've heard too many good things about the winter here to want to move. My main plan is to push my riding as far as I can, and hopefully get comfortable with surfing big heavy waves with sharks haha. I may cruise over to Bali and catch up with Rob and the crew when you guys are running your bodyboard coaching holiday to Indo. Let's see what the waves are like here over the next few weeks!
  • February 04, 2014
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