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On The Spot: Bodyboard-Depot Team Rider Damian Prisk

[caption id="attachment_2882" align="alignnone" width="800"]Flying high on his new pro model, Damian launches a sick invert. Flying high on his new pro model, Damian launches a sick invert.
Frame Grab: Andrew Course[/caption] We caught up with Bodyboard-Depot team rider Damian Prisk to see what he has been up to and to discuss his new boards that will be arriving at the end of March. What have you been up to this winter? I’ve been hitting up sheltered spots that break only a handful of times a year like it’s a normal thing (well on the weekends anyway)! I’ve scored some epic wedges along the way - like last weekend, I was riding an insane left wedge with some good friends at 17:30! That’s got to be a good sign… The new Science range will be arriving soon. What are the main differences with your boards? Luckily I’ve had my 2014 model since October to test and feedback to Science. The board has been working insane during both the warmer waters of autumn and in the depths of our frigid midwinter. The template remains the same as the 2013 model – the main difference is the core set-up, this year’s model has a Loaded Core with Mesh under the surlyn slick and under the deck skin. This gives board the incredibly positive flex properties – the flex is there when you want it i.e. when scooping into dredging pits or carving out a cutti-reverse, but it still remains nice and stiff for high speed down the line surfing and boosting. I know that you take on average 8 months to decide on your board colours, what have you gone for this time? I pick my colours usually 8-12 months in advance and my mind is always buzzing with ideas, trying to the find the ultimate colourways that I want to ride for the next year. I’ve gone for a couple of colourways this year. One board will have a Red deck, Silver slick with double black rails, I’m really excited about this colourway, I haven’t ridden a red board for a while and the silver and black tones it down a little to make it a stylish combo. The second colour is a bit of a classic, spiced up with unique MS Blue slick – this board has a rad Navy colour deck, MS Blue slick, with a red rail pin-line and a black outer rail. This is the colour I’ve ridden since October and I’m loving it – it’s nice and understated, but with enough flare to look good when attacking a wave. What set up have you found works best over winter in the UK? I’ve been riding the core mentioned above 80% of the time and the board is still going strong and is my go to board. The other board I have in the car is my PE 3SX model (3 stringers and mesh), this set up will be with me for life – can’t fault it for the winter, especially suited for Portreath Harbour Wall where I won’t ride anything else!!! After winning the tour again, how many titles have you won now? I really don’t know?! All I do know is after coming second in the British National for the past 3 years I wasn’t going to give up until I had another British Title! Fingers crossed the UK bodyboarding community can pull together a viable tour for 2014. I kinda feel sorry for the groms coming through, without grass roots competition we won’t see the talent emerging like the other dominant bodyboarding nations like OZ. Seen any upcoming talent in the water lately? Yeah all the grommies from around Portreath and Aggie are ripping – the kids bring a real buzz with them and are always making the most of every swell. How are Mary, Wilbur and the family? How long until we see Wilbur on a bodyboard? He’s got dp model on ice for when he’s a little older! This summer he will be on his third wettie, so hopefully he will be progressing from the rock pools of Porthtowan to the wide-open ocean when it’s 0.5ft! Mary’s good, she’s busy carrying baby boy number two in her belly!!! Taylor seems to be improving fast, any comments about him? Kids a ledge (he’s in Germany at the moment Snowboarding - git!). I’ve never known someone like him, he doesn’t let a little 80 mile round trip to find waves get in the way and stop him from being on every giant swell that’s running. Honestly, when I was his age I would be cycling to the beach or catching trains to Porthmeor! He’s been surfing really well too – he’s had access to my whole Science quiver and is loving riding Science boards, so much so, he has joined the Grom Science Team and he is super excited to get his mitts on the impending 2014 Science range. He’s been working on his rail game too, chucking some good amounts of spray during some tight crossed legged reverses! What are your plans for summer and 2014 in general? Counting down the days for the new Science boards to arrive and preparing for the arrival of the baby in June. Apart from that, it’s surf, surf, surf and hopefully some swell chasing to the fringes with Coursey to get footage. [caption id="attachment_2883" align="alignnone" width="592"]Damian boosts a giant air reverse at one of Cornwalls secret wedges. Damian boosts a giant air reverse at one of Cornwalls secret wedges.
Frame Grab: Andrew Course[/caption] Check out Damians profile on our Sponsored Riders Page.
  • February 21, 2014
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