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Core Rob Barber Model - Reviewed by Jersey Shredder Simon Watkins

IMG_1213Long time Jersey bodyboarder Simon Watkins has ridden stacks of boards in stacks of conditions over the years. We recently got him kited up with a new board, this is what he had to say about it: "This was my first purchase from the Bodyboard Depot and was immediately impressed with the information and advice that I was given with the different board options. Most of my riding is done in “cold water” so after advice from Rob I decided on the Core Barber signature model. On the boards first couple of outings I surfed in a number of different conditions, including a slabbing reef break and a wedging peaks at a local beach. In steeper waves the board went really well, was responsive and felt solid in steeper sections. One thing of note was the how light the board is – this made pulling rolls and spins so much easier in small waves. Shortly after purchasing the board I went on a trip to Sri Lanka. Local conditions are completely different with the air and sea temperature around the 28c mark which makes a complete difference in how a board feels in the water. The board adapted really well to these condition although you do need be careful with dark coloured boards under a tropical sun! There are mainly reef breaks on the South West coast of Sri Lanka that are not “heavy” compared to Indo (or even the UK come to think about it), but you do get some tasty section to play with. Again I was really happy with the board, which benefited from the extra stiffness provided by the stringers. I would highly recommend purchasing this board but also it is really worth speaking to the guys at the BB depot so that you get appropriate advice on the correct board selection". Now available in new Neon colours at £165. It's the best value board on the market. Grab yours while stocks last.
  • February 24, 2014
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