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LiD Bodyboard Magazine Issue #2 NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!

[caption id="attachment_3016" align="alignleft" width="237"]1620449_10153936572805578_1661124730_n In case your wondering, Sam is on the left![/caption] Sam Buckle is putting together issue #2 of British bodyboard magazine LiD and he’s using Kickstarter to fund it. What a cracking idea… we all chip in and in return we all get a mag which is going to be show casing sick shots of the best UK, Ireland and international sponge action. If you’re in to bodyboarding, then you should be supporting this mag. Bodyboard-Depot, Bodyboard-Holidays and Bodyboard-School are certainly behind it all the way and will be supporting it with advertising and editorial content. Anyway… over to the man with the plan, Sam Buckle. 1. What’s your name? How long have you been involved in bodyboarding and give us a potted history of your involvement/achievements in the sport? My name is Sam Buckle, I have been Bodyboarding for 25 years and involved in the sport for 20. I started making Bodyboard Videos back in the VHS glory days. Firstly in 1993 with Delerium which starred Damian Prisk, Danny Wall (yes they have both been riding for that long!) and guys like Johnnie Wells, James Hardy and Mark Stevens. Then came Premium (still on VHS) which had some British stuff in it but really was a South African based video during which time I lived with Andre Botha’s family in Durban, at the same time the No Friends crew were in town so those couple of months were a pretty epic time. Next, whilst I was working at the old Fistral Surf Company heading up the bodyboard department I made La Familia, now this was my first DVD. Of Course Damian Prisk was the stand out, but also Richie Peters started strutting his stuff and the Dinham brothers had a joint section. The final Porthleven section is still my favourite days filming of all time, especially the home made helmet camera footage from when GoPros didn’t exist! Most recently was the ‘I Try Stupid Things’ DVD. Starring Remi Geffroy. Styled after the film Sin City this was a bit of a self-indulgent project to further my skills in Adobe After Effects the postproduction program used to make the film. More stuff about me personally? I collect vintage Morey Boogies, both board and also the clothing range, I have some outrageous 80's fluoro! 2. Can you explain why you are putting together a new British bodyboard magazine? This next Issue of LiD came about as the much loved and long running Threesixty (edited by Rob Barber) came to an end. And the sport was suffering from that central focus point that is a magazine. Social media and the internet are fine but there is no one place that the community comes together. It gives the shops and brands a chance to make people aware of what is available in the UK, and also lets people see only the best photos taken by professional photographers printed in all the glory and not diluted by appearing below selfies of girls with marker pen eyebrows on a facebook feed, which unless you are online when its posted, chances are you will miss the gold! hawaii001 3. How can bodyboarders get behind it and support it? So what we need is the bodyboarding public to get online and make a pledge via the kickstarter site. Kickstarter is an awesome way of raising funds for creative products, they have raised over 1 billion dollars for projects so far! And let’s people safely donate in the knowledge it is a legit operation. Be it £10 for a magazine, think of it as a subscription or preorder, or £250 for a full-page advert for businesses. Every bit helps make the Mag become a reality! 4. What do you have planned for the issue? Mainly expect to see outrageous shots from this winters run of monster swells. I have seen stuff that has blown me away. I cannot say any more on this, as I don't want to ruin the surprise. brooke scotland 5. Are you looking for submissions from the BB public/media? We love receiving submissions, both photos but just as importantly articles. Get in contact via 6. When will the issue be available and will you use the same model to produce issue 3? The Issue should be out at the beginning of August and yes it will probably be the same format as before, the Landscape look is great. All depends on the amount raised by the Kickstarter. bjorn invert 7. Huge respect for backing UK bodyboarding, what else can other individuals do to see the sport going in the right direction? Thanks for the support and the comments. Asides from backing LiD people need to get out and buy from the shops that sponsor the riders and in a more general sense it would be great to see some of the Cornish riders start surfing some slabs like their crazy Irish Brothers! For more info about this crazy project click here.
  • April 15, 2014
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