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Core Rob Barber Signature Board Reviewed by Top Australian Rider Gavin Watt

Top Austrailan bodyboarder Gavin Watt has been living in London but fancied having a crack at this years Euro Tour events. He called us up and after discussing the options we sorted him out with a great deal on a Core Rob Barber Signature model PXS core, Found leash, Stealth fins, Gyroll fins strings and Bodyboard-Depot T-shirt. Gavin knows plenty about board design so it was good to chat to him about what works and what doesn’t work. When we sent Gavin the board spec through he sent them over to none other than Ryan Hardy for a second opinion. Mr Hardy agreed that the specs were great for Euro conditions and that they were only fractionally similar from his board. 
Upon returning from the first event down in France (the La Salie Pro), Gav dropped us this message: 
"G'day Rob I wanted to send you a quick message to say thanks for the support and gear leading up to going to France last week. The result in the comp was very disappointing for me, although I surfed really well I just couldn't compete against these 50kg kids in 1ft onshore high tide conditions. Still super motivated to continue on tour this year. I'm hoping to get down to your Science demo day in a couple of weeks if there's going to be some waves around. Not that I need a new board though. Your board is insane, it went far better in small waves than I could have hoped and I think it's going to go really well in the bigger stuff! It really felt like the perfect combination of shape and materials. I'll keep you updated as to if I'm coming down in a couple of weeks. Thanks again Rob, sorry about the result. Gav”
Pierre Louis Costes was the eventual winner of the event!
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  • April 23, 2014
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