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Sun and Surf for the Bodyboard-Depot/Science Bodyboards Demo Day


Sam Brabyn busts out a sweet air forward.

At the end of April nearly 30 bodyboarders were welcomed by 3-to-4 foot lumpy waves and glorious spring sun as The Bodyboard-Depot hosted the Science Bodyboards Demo Day.


Summer's Here!

Finally the sea was warm enough for riders to comfortably surf without hoods or gloves. With some wedgey peaks and the remnants of a huge swell the crew got stuck in to some fun ramps and the day had a real feel of summer.


There were some lumpy bowls for the riders to launch from, Rob Barber busts a roll.


A few years ago Bjorn Storey would have been picking the sand out of his hair after this air, but these days he should be fine. Great commitment!


Science Bodyboards Commitment to UK Bodyboarding

Matt Daniel from Science Bodyboards UK has worked with Rob Barber from The Bodyboard-Depot for the last three years to put this event on. The purpose of it is to introduce the new range of Science Bodyboards to the UK bodyboarding public. Barber commented “It is fantastic to see Science getting behind the UK bodyboarding scene with this huge commitment to the sport.” He continued “Every board in the range was available to try and it’s a really unique opportunity for riders to get the chance to try boards that they may never usually get a chance to ride, it really helps them to make a more informed opinion about the board that they are going to buy this year.”


Bodyboard Coaching from the British Champ

In the morning, British Champion Damian Prisk worked along side Rob Barber to offer a coaching session to help some riders to hone their technique and improve various aspects of their riding. Jim Parson’s drove down from Hungerford for the coaching session and commented “Thanks for today I really enjoyed the waves, the first two that I caught after the beach based coaching session were worth the long drive down alone – top tips”.


The gang worked on wave selection, duck diving, gaining speed and style tips at Towan beach before the sun came out.


After assessing the tricky conditions Jim uses Rob and Damian's advice and finds himself a nice left.


Damian Prisk shared his knowledge during the morning coaching session.



Gary Hope was up at 4am to drive down to the event but got his share of waves with the coaching session and the board demo sesh in the afternoon.


Jacob Kirk showed great promise for the future during the morning coaching session.


Science Bodyboard Range – Something for Everyone

During the afternoon Demo session, riders were urged to try boards that they wouldn’t usually ride. By trying boards that are different lengths, made from different cores, with different tails, contours etc it really opens the riders mind about what they should look for in their next board. With the huge variety of conditions that we have in the UK, many riders will have a selection of different boards for different wave conditions and the Science bodyboard range has really embraced that with their 2014 board range. The riders found that the range offered something for everyone. Feedback was really great. Not only did the riders learn a lot about the boards but also the Bodyboard-Depot staff took the chance to ride a huge range of the boards in order to offer the most informed opinion about all the boards in the range.


The crew were stoked to get to try so many sick boards.


Damian Prisk was popping up everywhere picking off the cream of the crop.


Brabyn boosts a nutty back flip off the rebound.


That man Brabyn again, this time he squeezes his pint sized frame in to a thick shorebreak keg.


Further Events

This was the first event of the season to be hosted by The Bodyboard-Depot. The next event is a Bodyboard Coaching Weekend sponsored by Core Bodyboards on May 03/04. For further info see


Click here to see our awesome Science range!

Images taken by Aaron Parsons Photography

  • April 28, 2014
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