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Bodyboard Coaching Weekends – Double Whammy of Awesome Events in May

Brit and International bodyboarders show huge improvements over coaching weekends held at the beginning and end of May. Bodyboard Weekenders Score bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_16 bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_18 The two bank holidays at either end of May saw Rob Barber and his staff at the Newquay based bodyboard school hold their early season bodyboard coaching weekends. With fun waves and a contingent of riders from all over the UK and beyond taking part the improvements came thick and fast. Great Waves in Early May The first bank holiday in May was blessed with great weather, fun waves and plenty of sun. Guest instructor, Aidan Salmon from Australia headed up the coaching team and took the crew through all the essential stages of their bodyboarding development. bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_1 Under 18's UK Champion and Bodyboard Coach Joe Woodhouse eyes the best sections! bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_2 The Crew make their way along the golden sands of Kuta Beach aka Fistral! bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_12 History teacher Dave Mcgill taught everyone a lesson in trimming the high line! bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_13 Coach Joe Woodhouse shares the stoke with Helena from London as she catches her longest ride of the weekend! Neil Morris from Somerset showed the biggest improvements over the weekend and was awarded with a new board from Found. bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_4 Neil Morris from Western-Super-Mare looks hot under the collar in his wetsuit amongst these aqua marine peelers as he prepares to bust a roll! Aaron Parsons who led the media team that was shooting photos and video of the event commented, “There was a great vibe to the event, we scored some fantastic waves and everyone really connected well”. He continued “I was really impressed with the improvements that the crew displayed, particularly Jane Oxley from Redruth who has shown incredible growth in her riding since having her first coaching session with us in autumn last year”. bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_8 Jane Oxley has conquered those fears of heading out back and is now beginning to rip! bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_9 Jane salutes as she heads back to the beach after some epic right and left handers! Head coach Aidan concluded with “The guys on the course had a number of different issues that they wanted to look at, from wave selection to really nice fanging cutbacks. We covered a lot and it was a pleasure sharing some waves with them.” bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall Mixed Ability Bodyboarders Benefit in Late May The most recent weekend coaching course was held over 24/25 May and was attended by riders from as far a field as Brazil and Australia. The crew were split in to ability groups and some surfed at Towan beach and some at Fistral for the first sessions. Group beach photo Theory This was followed by a video analysis session, which dissected the riders styles and the lines that they were choosing along each wave. This led to fast improvements in speed and the approach to moves. Video analysis The all important video analysis feedback sessions helped the riders to improve fast. Some of the riders on the course were bodyboarding for the first time and as a result Rob took them for some paddling drills in the flat water of Newquay Harbour before entering the line up at Towan beach. High lights of the weekend included the session at Towan’s Harbour left where Tony Barstow, Dominica Accacio and Jane Oxley challenged some great waves and negotiated some hectic drops. Jane-2 Jane Oxley picks her line at Towan. Wedge Tony drops in at the Harbour wall. Dom Wedge-2 The harbour wall served up some awesome drops, Dom from Brazil took it all in her stride. The crew took a surfari over to Perranporth beach on Sunday and there were some excellent rides from Dave Richards who excelled with his cutbacks, Guy Sowry who initiated his first spins and Rachel Norman who developed her riding quickly. Rachel managed to trim left and right on unbroken waves, after only trying the sport for the first time the day before. This really showed the effectiveness of the coaching techniques. bodyboardweekendsmay4th_24thsmall_19 Warmup-2 Warming up at Perranporth. _MG_6053 Dave Richards could be the UK’s first ever bodyboarding Paul Weller look alike. He’s showed that he’s got the ability to shred anything that moves. A definite member of the Style Council. _MG_6064 With the focus being on big moves in small waves, Lydia carves in to a cutback. _MG_5997 Lydia from Bournemouth was hopping with joy to be back in the water again. Bodyboarding Network After the final video analysis session Joe Cattaneo of Plymouth was presented with a new Found board as a result of some great rides, fast spins and well developed cutbacks. Joe had managed to break the habit of holding his board in the wrong place across the nose when he was trimming. Breaking bad habits is one of the hardest things to break in bodyboarding so Joe was a deserved winner. _MG_6144 The bodyboarders left the weekend vowing to stay in touch and many signed up for the Morocco bodyboard coaching holiday in the autumn. If you like the sound of improving your bodyboarding fast with likeminded riders of all abilities why don’t you sign up for one of our bodyboard coaching weekends? Dates are here: JUNE 28/29 JULY 26/27 AUGUST 30/31 SEPTEMBER 13/14 SEPTEMBER 27/28 OCTOBER 18/19 For more info, check the website here Images taken by Aaron Parsons Photography and Claudia Boily
  • May 25, 2014
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