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Bodyboard-Depot Interview - Core Bodyboard Team Rider: Joe Franklin

joe Through the late 90’s and early 00’s Joe Franklin was the number one bodyboarder in the UK, with 6 national titles and a string of sick images in ThreeSixty magazine. He still rips. As a result he’s on the Core Bodyboards team and has just returned from the Core team trip to Indo. We caught up with him for a chat… 1. Fill us in on a little background about you, where do you live, what do you work as and how long have you been bodyboarding? I live in Dubai, I work as the head of sales for Rip Curl and I’ve been bodyboarding for over 15 years now. 2. You had an illustrious career in British bodyboarding, can you let us know the highlights? Yep I won the British Championships a few times, got to the quarter finals of the world surfing games in Brazil when I was at the top of my game and have surfed all over the world chasing comps and photo’s. Back in the day I was sponsored by Billabong and managed to get funding to push my riding. 3. How have you ended up living in Dubai? I got offered a job with Rip Curl and jumped at the chance, it’s an amazing place to live and I get to travel all over the world with my work. This year I’ve been to south Africa, Australia and Indo so I still get my fill of waves. 4. What do you do for waves out there? We get some waves here which can be fun. I surf the Wadi Wadi Wave Park and I get to travel quite a bit as I mentioned above. 5. You were invited on the Core team trip to Indo this year, how did you find the waves? Yeah we scored, it was fun every day and then we got a big swell at the end of the trip which lit up my favourite secret spot so we got really lucky. 6. You experimented with riding the Rob Barber PX model and the Rob Barber PP model. What did you find were the main differences between the Poly pro core and the low density Polypro core (PX)? I found that they both worked well in the Indo heat but personally I would stick with the PP core in tropical temperatures. I didn’t get a single crease on the deck or the slick with the PP core and the projection was unbelievable. The low density PP core was fine but didn’t have as much drive off the bottom as the PP core. Both worked well. 7. Where were your best sessions? I love Ulu’s and we had some great bowly conditions out there. I scored another wedge on the other side of the island really fun for a few days straight and then the session that we had at a draining left hand reef was the stand out. I scored the best barrels that I’ve had for years before hitting the bottom and nearly ripping my shorts off. 8. What do you think of the Core board ethos of designing the correct boards for each world region? I think that it’s great to riders like Rob are inputting their knowledge to see that riders in each different territory have the best materials and shapes to ride the waves that are local to them. It’s exactly what surfers have been doing for years by getting boards shaped out of the best materials and best plan shapes for the waves that they are surfing. It’s good to be part of a forward thinking company that quite simply makes bodyboarding easier and more fun due to the functionality of the designs. The prices are really making the products stand apart, loads of bang for your buck! 9. Thanks for your time, any final words? Thanks for the boards, I look forward to catching up soon. Say hi to everyone in the UK for me.
  • July 04, 2014
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