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Why We Love Bodyboarding in Newquay During the Awesome Autumn…

bbweekendsep14lowres_42 This weekend’s bodyboard coaching weekend went off in style at Rob Barber’s Bodyboard School in Newquay. This is why we love these autumn bodyboard weekends: 1. The summer crowds have gone home so there are plenty of uncrowded peaks. We got out there first thing on Saturday morning and scored two hours of uncrowded perfect 2 – 3 foot peaks. The crew loved it. We could see that the waves were going to be good and knowing the affect that the tides, the wind and the local sand banks have on the waves meant that we got the best, least crowded waves in the area. bbweekendsep14lowres_3 2. September and October keep the warm summer water temperatures and mild land temperatures so a 3/2 wetsuit will keep you toasty for a few hours of water time. Our session on Saturday morning was 3 hours long as it was so good we didn’t want to leave the water! bbweekendsep14lowres_35 Sophia from Essex trims down the line! 3. The consistency of the swell makes it a great time to score super fun waves during autumn. The northerly tracking lows serve up clean, well groomed swell lines. This weekend each of the four sessions offered something different with 2-3foot walled up waves on Saturday morning and some sand dredging barrels on Saturday afternoon. bbweekendsep14lowres_6 Coach Rob Barber and Liz Kessler admire the one that got away! bbweekendsep14lowres_8 Brad Mansfield get's barreled! On Sunday morning we got some mellow high tide 2 footers to practice on, followed by an afternoon session of perfect 2-foot tubing peaks where we held a peer-to-peer coaching session where everyone helped each other to improve. bbweekendsep14lowres The crew look down on a beautiful Fistral Beach itching to get stuck in. bbweekendsep14lowres_40 They wasted no time and soon headed down! 4. After a long summer of small swell the autumn seems to be serving up some much needed swell. This weekend served as a chance for the riders to tune up for the winter swells in the UK or improve in preparation for a Bodyboard-Holiday  with us. 5. The fact that there are still long, light evenings means that a few après bodyboard session drinks and some food were enjoyed at the Carnmarth Hotel  as we all exchanged tales about the day. bbweekendsep14lowres_9 A big well done must go out to Brad Mansfield from Bournemouth who really pushed his riding to the next level, scoring some sick waves, including that amazing tube ride. The whole of the crew showed improvements across the ‘board’. It’s crazy how much difference a few tips, some different equipment or a different approach to bodyboarding can man make to your fun levels! smilesallround   Roll on Wales next weekend!
  • September 15, 2014
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