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Bodyboard-Depot Team Rider Martin Kelly Takes on The World

martinkelly The APB world tour event has just kicked off in Sintra Portugal. Our team rider Martin Kelly is competing. Watch his performance here We caught up with Martin for a few questions before the event:
Who’s the favourite in your eyes?
I think the Brazilians look good for the title. Last few days surfing with last years champ Lucas Nouguira. Uri Valadao also. There is a title on the line as Fronton might not go ahead. Me and Shane Mehaan surfed last night with, PLC, Hubbard bros, Romero, Lavernhe. Can't discount those boys. If you look down the entrant list it's enough to turn any mans stomach. If I was a betting man I would go Brazilian win all the way! Why come have you entered the comp? Me and Meehan decided to travel to this event because I think we are very similar in the fact that we love doing comps and love the vibe. Especially when you know you’re 1st heat is pretty much one of the hardest heats you will ever surf in. That's the buzz for me. Putting on the comp vest and paddling out with animals. Win or lose it's the best. Free surfing is good but surfing at an event like this raises your standard so much. It's also nice to fly the Irish flag and represent. How do you rate your chances? To be honest mate, I'll be happy to get out of round 1. Especially after looking at the entrants. There is no easy heat! Coming out of a summer of surf school I have not been booging enough to call myself 'prepared' but I'll do my best. You can't forget that Shane came 17th a couple years back just missing out on the man on man rounds. He surfed most guys out of the water to be fair. I think it's all about trying hard to get outta R1 and see from there. God knows. I'm realistic at the same time but if I surf as well as I can I'll be happy enough. GOOD LUCK FROM ALL AT THE BODYBOARD-DEPOT MARTIN!!
  • September 23, 2014
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