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Drop Knee Specialist and Bodyboard Guru Warrick Murphy

1412777_10152826013426894_6086157407842211452_ Interview by Rob Barber. Australian bodyboarder Warrick Murphy is an asset to the Bodyboard-Depot staff team. He shreds on drop knee and knows more than most about everything to do with bodyboarding. He’s been helping us develop the new Core DK Masters board. He also works at the shop in between trips and his other job as a primary school teacher. We caught up with Warrick to hear about his recent happenings. Name? Warrick Murphy Age? 25 years old Where are you from? Well this is a complicated one;  was born in South Africa, lived there for the majority of my childhood and also the place where I ignited the stoke for bodyboarding and the ocean. During my teenage years my parents made the decision to pack up everything in search of a country which would provide their boys (my brother and I) with great future prospects. The golden sands, sunshine and wave swamped east coast of Australia was obviously calling out to us because that’s where we ended up. I lived out the rest of my time on the Gold Coast of Australia surfing the best beach break in the world; South Straddie. ahah, so shorter version, I am from both South Africa and Australia. 10813780_10152826014301894_1222140259_o What have you been up to? During University holidays I spent a lot of my time heading up and down the east coast of OZ and travelling abroad with a cheap round the world ticket to Portugal, Central America and Cook Islands. This was at the start of Jan 2013. Once I finished University in July I actually spent my time working and saving to move over to the UK actually. So not a lot of travel time was done. I was lucky enough to hire out and ride some waves in the Dubai wave pool on the way over which was pretty cool though. Since being in the UK working as a primary school teacher I have been across the seas to Ireland exploring, discovering and surfing some amazing waves, as well as Iceland, Norway and all around the Cornish coastline. But the next couple months I have a lot planned, I have recently started my own blog and am going to begin making podcasts documenting my upcoming travels. Passport Stamps: Cook Islands, All around Australia, Dubai, Maroc, Portugal, Canary Islands, El Salvador, Columbia and a few more. How did you end up in Newquay? In 2012 I came over to visit my brother, who at the time was living in London, we did a 3 month surf trip in winter around Europe and Cornwall. Anyways, in Dec 2013 I moved to London with one mission; work, travel and score waves. My time in London was not as great as the holiday I had in 2012 and the city life was becoming less and less attractive to me. I need to be near the ocean full stop, cold or warm. So about 3 weeks ago I decided to move down to be closer to beach and escape the big smoke. Being a teacher made it very easy to find work down this way and of course, the meeting of one local cornish lass made my decision to move down that much easier. I cannot wait for some local comps and swell to kick in, the boogers around this side of the world are all so friendly, it’s great. 1512081_10152826012331894_8193384397269311940_o How did you end up in Iceland? Too many times I had watched ‘castles in the sky’ on repeat in awe at Dane Reynolds and the Malloys scoring waves in some of the coldest surf locations I had ever seen. I had this urge to be part of that minority, to experience a completely different buzz and rush for chasing waves in odd locations. After the Zion boys did their trip for the film, The Viking I had my mind set. I was going, whether it be with mates or alone. Thanks to Ryan Mattick; Zion wetsuits mastermind. I was able to organise a place to stay with a local shredder from Australia who resides in that amazing country. He was also kind enough to hook me up with some amazing rubber suits that has kept me toasty not only around the arctic but the chilly waters around the UK as well. We were there for 10 days; myself and good friend Levi Turner. We didn’t get a lot of surf photos as we did not have a photographer traveling with us. This situation sometimes sucks, but also makes you appreciate your surroundings and discoveries that much more. Sharing the stoke of flawless barrels with you and two other mates in -3 degree air temp, snow covered fjords, ice on the beach and the feeling of knowing, I had fulfilled a life long dream was something that no photo or clip could ever come close to. I won’t lie, at the start I was frothing on trying to get footage and photos, but it took good friend, Levi to help me realise this. Especially on rare trips like this. After Iceland we actually headed further North into the Arctic Circle to the islands of Lofoten in Norway, that was also pretty crazy. 1655635_10152826010931894_6845371357863091892_o 1519137_10152826011161894_2625829196104653052_o 10659135_10152826011091894_4936619962534556559_o What happened with Riptide Magazines 200 hours project? As I mentioned earlier, it was epic to get some shots but after a while I realised it wasn’t the end of the world if I didn’t get that one shot. I was lucky enough to score some coverage in a recent edition of Riptide. I am pretty stoked with how it has actually turned out. The 200 hours project was an epic idea on their behalf, to see how far bodyboarding has come over the years how much it has spread all over the world. Anybody could contribute which was epic. I cannot remember the exact date but it was in April when it began, who ever was interested had 200 hours from then to snap up an epic moment that summed up their life around bodyboarding. Travels, skunkings, road trips, waves, hanging out, anything to do with how you live and breathe bodyboarding. My shot was taken on the South Coast of Iceland, at a super fun beachie that a good friend and Icelandic local told us about. That is all I will and can say. Tell us about your recent trip to the Canaries? Looks like you scored some sick waves… Well we just got back last week actually. Myself and Rachel decided to take sometime off before the cold winter sets here in the UK. It was such a fun trip. We spent 4 days in Gran Can firstly. We surfed el Confital mostly as the wind wasn't cooperating on the other days. Then explored the beautiful island and returned to Confital in the afternoons. This was our day to day routine. After that we hopped over to Fuerteventura for a week. We scored an epic pad in Cortillo near not only the beachies but the famous north track ( scattered with reef setups).. Once again the wind wasn't too accomodating but all in all, we went for fun sun and surf. Thats exactly what we got. The lovely Rachel managed to snag a shot good enough for the riptide daily frame which was pretty cool as well. Canaries has always been a favourite of mine and cannot wait to return. For now though, I'm getting my Land Rover ready for a winter of exploring. 10255099_10152826013236894_9216295179927602144_o Have you enjoyed helping to develop the new DK Masters board from Core? I’ve loved working on this project. Assisting in the research and development of a new DK board has been a blast! I cannot wait to get it in water this winter. Core DK Master How can we check out your images and clips? Any stuff that I do manage to get along the way please feel free to check out my blog; or my instagram page; wurfie. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="4105,4103,4102,4101,4098,4097,4100,4092,4090,4089,4095,4096"] Photos: Adam Wood and Jack Sheard
  • November 17, 2014
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