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How To Plug A Bodyboard & Fit A Leash

In our series of helpful bodyboarding tips videos, we take a look at plugging a bodyboard and fitting your leash.  Rob will guide you through the process... HOW TO PLUG YOUR BOARD -Decide where the plug is to go. This is determined by which arm you are going to wear your leash on, where your front foot is to go if you are going to ride in the drop knee stance, and where your leash plug was positioned on your last board (if it worked there the put it in the same place again, if it didn’t then adjust it!). -Has the board got stringers? If it has then locate where they are (there should be information about this from the manufacturer on the boards packaging) or ask the shop that you bought the board from. Stringers much be avoided when leash plugging! Sometime if you hold a board up to a bright light you can see the stringer as a dark shadow running through the board. -In shot one I have positioned my old board on top of my new board. I have removed my old leash plug so that I can poke a Phillips (crosshead) screwdriver through the old hole and mark a mark on my new board. As long as your new board is pretty much the same shape as your old one then this will work. If you have done for a drastic change in template – a DK board for instance – then this won’t work. - Avoiding the stringers in the board, your leash hole should be about 20cm back from the nose of the board, towards the centre. If you look at the bottom of the board, make sure that the plug isn’t going to be positioned so that it is on the curve of the slick-skins rocker. Do not plug your board near the rail as it will get in the way of your arm when you are trimming and also be weaker and more likely to pull through. - Lay your board flat on the floor and drive the screwdriver straight down until you feel it pushing against the skin on the bottom of the board. It is essential to make sure the screwdriver goes in straight or the leash plug wont connect when you insert it. - Now stand the board up and push the screwdriver through the other side. You will see where to pierce the skin as there will be a mark - Wiggle the screwdriver around a little so that the hole is big enough for the plug to go into. - Now place the top of the plug in the hole of the deck side of the board and attach the screw through the other side. Use a coin to tighten it up.  
  • November 17, 2014
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