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Bodyboard Tail Shapes, Choosing Between A Crescent & Bat

In our series of helpful bodyboarding tips videos, we take a look at bodyboard tail designs and shapes.  Rob will guide you through the process… BODYBOARD TAILS Tails have the ability to define the riding performance much as cores. They can grant you more or less control and speed on the face of waves depending on their shape. Bat tail and crescent tails are the most popular options bearing in mind wave conditions. The Bat Tail; as the name suggests, resembles a bat or wingspan, It’s a round (or squared), pointy shape designed for small waves and heavier riders. It offers a wider surface area and flotation, which means more speed and higher manoeuvrability as it is looser. Consider a bat tail only if you are a prone rider. Its shape doesn’t grant much control with your fins if you are a fan of dropknee. The bat tail was popular when it first appeared on the scene, but nowadays only a few professional riders use it. The Crescent Tail; is the most common tail among professional riders. Its ‘’U’’ shape offers better leg control on carves, tube riding and big waves, but it isn’t quite as good for tight pocket spins. Crescent tails are designed both for prone and dropknee riders.
  • November 17, 2014
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