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Core Rider Laurie McCall - LiD Magazine Interview - Sneak Peak

[caption id="attachment_4130" align="alignnone" width="620"]While working on his new signature board Laurie scored some epic shots. This under the lip hook at Porthleven has to be one of the sickest snaps we’ve seen by a UK rider. Image; Laura Newbury While working on his new signature board Laurie scored some epic shots. This under the lip hook at Porthleven has to be one of the sickest snaps we’ve seen by a UK rider. Image; Laura Newbury[/caption]
The latest issue of LiD Magazine is hot off the printers and we’re stoked to say that Core Bodyboards and Bodyboard-Depot team rider Laurie McCall has score an profile interview in there. Take a sneak peak at the interview here and then grab your LiD Mag here, it’s stuffed full of awesome British bodyboarding action.
The new Core Laurie McCall model is available here.
loz4 CORE BODYBOARDS SIGN NEW UK TEAM RIDER - LAURIE MCCALL Another British rider has been recognised for their freakish talent and rewarded with their own signature board. The guys at Core loved the fact that Laurie McCall is as skilled on his belly as he is when drop kneeing. He’s long been an inspiration to the UK groms, so it seemed like a natural choice to reward him with his own signature board. LiD caught up with Laurie to pick his brains about his sick new signature model. Massive congratulations for being selected as the newest rider to get their own signature board in the UK! How did this come about? Well, Rob Barber and the guys at Core contacted me and said that they have been impressed with my riding and my results. They wanted to bring out a board that would be versatile for both drop knee and prone and would go well in British waters. Core thought I'd be the ideal person to design a board that would tick those boxes as I love to ride in both styles. Tell us about the new board, and the process of designing it. I've ridden loads of different boards and shapes over the years and have learnt what works and what doesn't. I've taken my favourite elements from my previous boards and combined them with the technology that Core offers. The template itself consists of a wide-point which is low enough for dropknee but just right for prone riding, the nose is slightly narrower than your average board to help you through critical turns on the knee. Many people are surprised to hear that a lot of the worlds best prone riders like narrower noses as well, they work really well. The shape is sick. I’ve added contours to the deck to maximise hand grip/flex and have chosen a stinger/core combination that will be sick in UK conditions. I'm looking forward to riding it this winter! final-logo-mockup Other than designing your new board, what else have you been up to lately? I've been bodyboarding as much as possible, and loving autumn! I’ve been surfed-out most of the time but I’ve squeezed in a bit of time for a skate if the sea doesn't cooperate. I'm saving up for a trip to seek warmer climes and pumping waves this winter, but haven't decided where yet. Any suggestions? You are well known as the best ‘all rounder’ in British bodyboarding, like a UK version of Winnie. How did you get such a well rounded style? Haha! That's some comparison! When I first started bodyboarding I would experiment with dropknee on the fatter right-handers at my home break, Perranporth. But on the hollower left-handers I'd go prone. I kind of stuck with this 50/50 approach because I found it added more variation to my riding, It's almost like doing two different sports and I liked the challenge. Who are your bodyboarding inspirations? That's tough… There are so many riders out there these days who are all killing it, so I guess i'm inspired by anyone who shreds. My first inspiration was my dad who got me into the sport and also my uncle Chas who rode shark Island back in the 80's. Roach still has the sickest drop knee style I've ever seen and I'd say Winnie would be my favourite all-rounder. Where will we be able to get the board? It will be available exclusively through the Bodyboard-Depot. You’ve been going out with bodyboard videographer Laura Newbury for some time now, like PLC you get your sessions shot for you, that must be epic? Yeah it's ideal! It's pretty rare to find a girl who's as stoked on bodyboarding as I am so i'm pretty happy with that! Hopefully we'll get to fit a trip in before the end of this year and we’ll get some new footage. Laura has put together a sick new promo clip for me and Core. Watch out for it online soon. What do you work as when you aren’t bodyboarding? I'm a graphic designer as a day job and like to make art out of hours. Art is my real passion but it's not the easiest to make a living from. I'll stick at it though!
  • November 22, 2014
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