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We had a little chuckle to other day when we received this email from Newquay bodyboarder Daniel Pearn. Seems he found a bargain boog in a local charity shop. He’s asked us for a bit of advice about the boards core and the year that it was produced. We’re awaiting a response from Bodyboard-Depot team rider Damian Prisk. Is this the best bodyboarding bargain in history? It’s certainly the best that we’ve ever head of!
Yo Rob  I picked this up last week and its got me a bit puzzled. It’s about 41.5” long and defo feels heavier than my loaded core but it only has a single stringer. Could you find out what core and year it is please Rob? I think I may have paid a little over the odds on this though, the guy in the Cancer Research shop said that due to it not having a stringy thingy (a leash) attached to it I could take it for £4 not £5. For a split second I questioned my moral’s but then handed over my £5 and told him to keep the change. Thanks Dan
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  • February 16, 2015
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