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Warrick Murphy Talks about The Core DK Master PP

Stoked on the 2015 Core DK board.  I feel lucky to have had an input into a board that I feel is made for the DK punter. I have used my knowledge and obsession with DK riding to help put this puppy together. I have trialled and tested various shapes and cores all over the world, from cold expeditions in Iceland to the warm water board short barrels at the best beachie in the world – TOS. 11091210_10153205893991894_1672931805_n 11156801_10153206112751894_1548225332_n She’s got a classic DK template with a narrow nose to minimise bogging on those carves and snaps. It also has channels on the bottom which I feel help lock you in and increase speed when you’re starring down the line of a screamer. Speed is essential for functional DK, that’s why these channels are gradual, allowing you the freedom to throw the tail and roach slide with ease if the opportunity presences itself. 11160097_10153205949281894_725148545_n 11165834_10153205948776894_59987322_n I have long had the problem of my boards twisting after a while so the decision to use a trident stringer system came naturally. This gives you a bit more strength in the tail where it is most needed.  The core has stayed a PP as I just feel that there is no need to change something that works. PP has been renowned for its recoil, speed, and lightness and waterproofing. The cold water is heaver enough to surf, the last thing you want is a waterlogged board as well.  If you are in the area, be sure to pop in to check them out, even if you just want to come in to chat DK(there aren’t a lot of us around these cold parts). 11178600_10153206112776894_1489183999_n

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  • May 01, 2015
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