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Bodyboarding Waves: The 5 Key Ingredients

bbjunebloglowres Bodyboarding Waves: The 5 Key Ingredients  Lots of our customers tell us that they struggle to find fantastic waves for bodyboarding on a regular basis. We’ve made it our mission in life to get all of our bodyboard-school and bodyboard-holidays clients in the right place at the right time for waves. So we’ve made a short list of the 5 ingredients we look for on our bodyboard weekends and last weekend we found all 5 in abundance!
  1. Low Pressure System = Bodyboarding Waves Galore
For a decent swell to develop it is critical that a low pressure has formed out in the ocean. This wind blowing across the ocean will lead to the initial wave formation and determines the quality and size of the ground swell that will hit the surf spot. The term 'Onion ring’ or ‘Dartboard' have been used to describe the ideal deep low pressures that are represented on weather charts that you are probably familiar with. Closely packed isobars mean strong winds and it is these deep low-pressure “onions” that generate the best swells. The distance that the waves have to travel from the low pressure to the shore is called the ‘Fetch’. The further the distance, generally the better the waves. Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 13.04.43
  1. Light Offshore Winds
An offshore wind is generally most desirable for creating good waves. The wind blows against the oncoming waves and helps delay the top part from overtaking the bottom. This can be seen with the lovely spray peeling back from the top of the wave (the most obvious sign it is an offshore good day!). The offshore breeze keeps swells in lines as they arrive at the shore. This type of wind inevitably helps provide ‘clean’ conditions. offshoreblogshot
  1. Well Groomed Sand Banks
There are three main types of breaks that we tend to bodyboard on. They are beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks. The beach break describes waves breaking over sandy seabed and this is what we had at the weekend in Newquay. It’s important to be aware of the changing tides and conditions with beach breaks. Sand banks that cause a wave to break well can be created and destroyed within hours. But some times good sand banks can stay around for weeks or even months. So new peaks and waves can form all the time. Being on the pulse to know where these are is essential. The most crucial element to finding the right beach breaks at the right times is local knowledge, it is this priceless information that will provide you with some epic sessions that will long stay in the memory. porthtowanblogready   clientswaves2blogready
  1. Small Crowds
If you make that little extra effort to go off the beaten track it is not that hard to find an uncrowded break in the height of summer in Cornwall. All you need is the knowledge of the coastline or know someone who does, a tide time book and a car. Nothing beats bodyboarding in the sunshine in beautiful Cornwall within a small group and your riding will go through the roof with along with your wave count. But you need to know where to be and when to beat the crowds. This is why we enjoy perfect, empty waves most of the time during our coaching weekends. littlefistraltemptingwavelogoblogready
  1. Summer Sunshine
It’s number 5 on our list but we all love bodyboarding in the sunshine don’t we? Cornwall can look like Indo in one flick of the sunshine switch. It is easily one of the most beautiful places to bodyboard in the world when it’s on form. If that low pressure is out at sea we then look for the high pressure over the land. When the sun is out, you stay in the water for longer, get a tan, maybe even brave a shortie wetsuit or some board shorts and most importantly our photographic team get sick shots of you in some aqua marine Cornish water! costadelnewquayblogready These are our top 5 ingredients for a perfect bodyboard coaching weekend in Cornwall. Check out the images from our coaching weekend June 27th and 28th below. bbjunebloglowres2_11 Rob and the crew wax up before heading out. bbjunebloglowres2_5 Rob and 'Chelle our latest bodyboarding couple share a wave together. bbjunebloglowres2_3 Sandra from Vienna displaying excellent style as trims across this right-hander. bbjunebloglowres2_7 Alistair Peebles tracks down the line with perfect trim style. bbjunebloglowres2 Not bad considering it was 'Chelle's first day bodyboarding! bbjunebloglowres2_2 Sandra fangs off the bottom at another uncrowded beach break. bbjunebloglowres2_1 Coach Barber takes one on backhand DK. bbjunebloglowres2_9 Perfect Towan wedge served up the goods for the group. bbjunebloglowres_7-8 The crew after the epic session at Towan. bbjunebloglowres2_10 James Franks drops into a beauty. Images taken by Joe Woodhouse and Aaron Parsons Photography
  • July 03, 2015
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