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It's official boys and girls, size really does matter!!!

½” or 1”?  Does it make a difference?  Choosing the right size bodyboard for you. Header image The Bodyboard-depot was kindly invited along to The Newquay Activity Centre’s Cornwall Bodyboard Camp and the October bodyboard coaching weekend. During the weekends we had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Haines. Kelly pic 1 Kelly is new to bodyboarding so assumed that she needed a bodyboard to keep her floating on top of the water, giving her more water confidence, so opted for a very large board with lots of buoyancy. (It was more like a surfboard than a bodyboard!) Kelly found it very difficult to duck dive with the 42” bodyboard as it was too buoyant, and when kicking her fins she kept hitting the back of the board with her knees due to the board’s length. Getting your body forward enough on the bodyboard is very important, as this will help your speed and line along the wave face. Kelly 2 During the coaching weekends Rob Barber helped Kelly try out numerous bodyboards to establish which board most suited her height and build. She started the first weekend on a 42” bodyboard and ended the October coaching weekend on a 40.5” bodyboard. Quite a difference, and showed in her quick improvement. Using the right size bodyboard, Kelly’s duck-diving technique has improved as she can fully submerge herself. The shorter board enables her to kick easily, and means she has a better body position when she catches a wave and trims beautifully across it! The Bodyboard-depot offers this unique service to try before you buy so that everyone gets the right size bodyboard for them. We believe that it is very important to get the right sized board for you, ½” or 1” can make a massive difference in helping you catch that perfect wave. Kelly 3
  • October 21, 2015
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