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Alder Polar Coat Review

Change robes are slowly becoming more and more popular in warmer climates as they are here in the UK. When I moved over from Australia I wouldn’t have been seen dead in one of these things. Then winter came and it was suddenly my saviour. Alder have been making change robes for a while now and I feel that this is there answer to a more affordable, waterproof and windproof alternative to the more expensive brands out there.

I was a bit concerned at the huge sizing as their website states it will fit from 5’1 to 6’3. I knew it was too good to be true. I know they are meant to be sized bigger so its easy to get changed in. I couldn’t even get my arms out of the thing to drive my car home. It was almost to big to get changed conveniently with the robe getting mud all over the bottom of it. I am only 5’5 at a push and I just feel that this great product would be better off having a few sizes available.

Don’t get me wrong, it blocked the wind, rain and definitely kept me dry. I just felt that, being a person who is slightly height deprived, a smaller size wouldn’t go a stray.

The zipper is easily done up with cold fingers and the fleecy lining is ideal for wicking the water away from your body and trapping body heat to warm you up.

It is a great product worth its cost if you’re looking for warmth whilst getting changed in the elements.

If there was anything I would change perhaps it would be to see a change robe with perhaps a towel inner that you can actually dry yourself with once you’ve taken your wetsuit off?

Is there such a thing our there or am I generally missing something here that this cannot be possible? Please don’t read this as a dig; this is my honest review, each to their own. The fleece lining is great and without a doubt kept me toasty as anything. Drying myself however wasn’t that amazing. Sometimes the feel of an actual towel to dry yourself properly instead of fleece would make this product or any other ‘waterproof’ change robe even better.

Driving to check surf spots, changing in the elements and keeping warm in between heats or generally outside watching sports, this product is great. I am just a bit picky with what I want. All in all, the Alder Polar Coat is a great product for what it is. 

  • January 19, 2017
  • Guy Sowry