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The Bodyboard-depot Bicep leash put to the test!!!

​This is one leash that has got my attention this year. Upon first inspection it seems as if it has been put together really well. I love the fact that is is a very subtle logo, sleek and my favourite shade, black.  


The metal swivel makes it very convenient when scrapping to get over those bigger sets. No leash bundling or catching on the inside of your arm/board.  The actual strap has enough padding to do the job, nothing like the VS or other brands, but this leash is a lot cheaper and works just as well. I have been using it over here in the UK and back in Australia. I have put it through its paces on some powerful shore breaks, mechanical waves and English reefs.

It is well put together and the material used is tough, not flimsy. This being said, it is still very comfortable around the arm; wearing a wetsuit, rash vest or bare skin.

There isn’t anything bad I can say about this leash, in my personal opinion. I don’t want to try pull the wool over your eyes with some ooohh and ahhh. It is simple, sleek, tough and comfortable. I found that the coil did stretch out enough for me which is great. I like my leashes to stretch out slightly more than most, perhaps being a dropknee rider, I prefer a longer coil as it has a longer way to go.   I am positive that if you were just proning or the odd DK bash this would not happen to your leash. I purely DK so it is constantly being pulled and yanked to try help me land moves, hahaha.


Here are some shots of me putting the leash through its paces.

Amazing Images thanks to: Matt Hawken, Phil Underwood & Neil Wall


  • September 29, 2017
  • Guy Sowry