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Core Barber Bodyboard 2017, The Interview

The 2017 range of Core Boards have arrived and we have been frothing to get out and take the new Barber board out for a session during these autumn swells. The latest models look better than ever.  
Guy Sowry caught up with Rob to hear first hand what went in to the design.  


  1. Starting with the new bat tail board, please explain how it came about?


"I’ve found that bat tails work best in UK waves due to the increased surface area and buoyancy. The rounded nature increases the success rate for nailing a number of moves, especially those with a spin element. Forwards, reverses and Air roll spins are easier with a bat tail, simple as that. The template is generous; it isn’t built purely for fast breaking reef waves like a lot of the slimmer and straighter templates like you see on the market these days. It’s more of an all rounder. Having said that, I’ve just tested it in what I consider to be the best tubing waves in the world on our coaching holiday to the Mentawai Islands and it absolutely flew. So it’s a good all rounder for sure. The increased down the line drive created with the bat tail is second to none." 

  1. What about the crescent tail?

"I like to ride a crescent tail in certain types of waves. Especially throaty, down the line barrels. I also like to ride DK from time to time. I appreciate that a lot of riders prefer crescent tails. So the crescent was a natural addition to the range. The template is essentially the same as the bat. No doubt, the crescent tail does hold into to the pocket better and you can take a higher line with it in my experience." 

  1. What is different about the materials?

"A single stringer and a PX core offer unrivalled flex and recoil. The memory of the core has shown amazing results through all the testing. I’ve ridden the board in Indo, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and it has gone really well in the tropics. Then I’ve also ridden it in Portugal, California, Morocco and even at the wave machine in Surf Snowdonia and it’s gone really well. Of course I ride it every time there are waves at home in Cornwall as well. So the testing has been about as varied as it possibly could be and the core and single stringer have kept on performing really well." 

  1. The contours look a little different to your previous models?

"Changing the contours is an ongoing obsession of mine. Grip and comfort are so important and I like my elbows to be slotted in to the perfect line and to have an edge to grip with my fingers on the nose and rails for critical landings. These contours are the best yet." 

  1. Can you sum the board up for us please?

"I can confidently say that for the British rider who spends most of their time at home but who gets the opportunity to travel from time to time, that this is the best board on the market. I don’t know of anyone, pro or other wise who has conducted such vigorous testing and had the opportunity to receive feedback during ongoing coaching sessions of riders of all different ability levels. The reviews from riders who have purchased models from the first batch have been excellent. I’m stoked with the results! You need to ride it to appreciate it yourself."  

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  • November 22, 2016
  • Guy Sowry